Saturday, 22 October 2011

Wirey wall hangings!

Oops! I really am becoming a bit remiss when it comes to blogging..but for good reason honest.
I've been busy making a website! Which I have to say for me, really deserves a mahoosive pat on the back, especially when you consider not much more than a year ago, I didn't even know how to turn a photo around! Here's the proof!
Oh my despairing "computer teacher" at school would be so proud (she actually cried when she found out I'd scraped a pass in my "computer exam"!bless!)
The new bloggy look is a glimpse of my website and I'm really hoping to have it released into cyber space by please come back and celebrate with me..I'm going to have a FABBYDOO giveaway to celebrate!
(if you are interested "" offers free website set up with your own domain name! coooool!)

"Flower faces" by Rawbonestudio
So I've managed to fit in a couple of wall hangings this week but very little else.
I made the happy discovery of Rawbone studio over on etsy which gave me a flash of inspiration. I have quite a few white spiral wire spines from notebooks which have accumulated from the journals I've made...never keen to throw anything out in case "it could be useful" I've incorporated a bit of wire in these hangings too...which I'm quite liking!

So now I'm off for a Sunday stroll to visit my bloggy friends..perfect day for it!
See you Thurday!!


  1. oh they are lovely and the wire is rather effective

  2. Love the wall hangings - so bright and colourful. Look forward to seeing the new website later on in the week! Well done for setting it all up too!

  3. Your wall hangings are delightful, love them. The sneaky peek of the new website looks great x

  4. Jenny, loving the new look blog...your wall hanging is gorgeous....I'll be following...don't you worry... Looking forward to seeing the new website...brave girl. Years ago I learnt to write HTML... have done the odd website in my time...not humongous pat on your back girl... whooohoo your flying... :) thank you for the healing hugs... feeling better tonight...

  5. Ooooooooooooh, what wonderful sewing, love those wall hangings and faces etc. Great stuff! Valerie

  6. You are certainly adding to your range, Jenny. Good luck with the website and all you are doing.

  7. Crikey!
    Loving the blog. Do you the energy of 500 men? You are amazing!

  8. I am, like, all oooooh, ahhhhhh, ohhhhhhh, eeeeeeee...over the fresh new look of your blog (very prof) and the new postings. Girl! That spark you lit this year has taken off to a might roar. So proud of you. This is your defining moment.

  9. Jenny you are soooo creative in sooo many ways!
    Love the new look and style of your blog..and good to see your happy face at the centre of it!
    The upcycled wire sculptures are a fab new feature of your amazing colourful designs...I just love all the energy and details in each can look at them many times and keep seeing exciting new things!
    Really excited about your website!
    Ali x

  10. What a clever use of the wire and well done on doing a website, can't wait to see it!

  11. Simply divine, dahling! Especially the new header with beautiful YOU :)

    Cheers and hugs,

  12. Love, love, love your new look and I can't wait to see your website!!

    I love that photo of you with your sewing machine.

    Sending you big hugs!