Friday, 14 October 2011

Crop Rotation!

Some things stick in your head and one thing that has remained forever cemented in my mind is the word "crop rotation"!

It came from an artist being interviewed on etsy, who's name unfortunately didn't make the cement. (sorry artist lady!) She likened her need to create in many different forms (including clothing, painting and jewellery making) to "crop rotation"...keeping the creative ground fertile and allowing freedom of movement from one expression to the other to prevent barren ground!

Genius! I thought...and still do...permission to be a creative butterfly, because what is creativity if you can't actually create what your urge is leaning to.....

So my point to all of this is that..(if you hadn't noticed already!) I'm a furtive crafty crop rotator! I really can't help myself and I sometimes DO wonder how this will pan out in the being a "successful artist" / having a brand kind of world....
ANYHOOS, I'm back to the sewing again! Didn't take me long!... Experimenting really...bit of paint, machine stitching on top, some rosettes and then added sequins and buttons....still needs something to edge it all off I think but thought I'd show you so far.

Hoping life is full and fertile wherever you all are xx


  1. Great piece, and I like the idea of crop rotation, too! Valerie

  2. honey doo,
    your crop rotation, butterflying,
    bountiful bunchy beauty flowers,
    are all sewn together so wonderfully...
    it's all you between every piece
    (your winning ingredient).

  3. I like it! Why limit yourself eh? Life is too short and too full, mix it all up, it's obviously meant to be that way! x

  4. You've been creatively busy! Love that.

  5. Hi Jenny, crop rotation wonderful...really sums things up beautifully like your it..perfect flowers for those darling humming birds... hope your having a good weekend too.....

  6. What a great way of describing my mind as well (and as an allotmenteer how apt) You have to sow your crops with the seasons of your life :) Love your journal, it's so appealing, just want to hold it and admire it x

  7. I'm a creative crop-rotator too! This is a fab way of describing what goes in my mind. I have struggled with being able to pin myself down when I think about what it is I like to do, as I don't have just one thing. I love knitting, sewing, crochet, making jewellery, and moving from one to the other keeps me inspired and creative. I also love writing, and photography and working on a new blog design has proven a tad tricky as I've tried to work out in my own mind how my blog could look to reflect my creative passions! I wonder too how this would translate to a "brand", and I've decided it would be a creative pack of gorgeousness all wrapped up in one! Thank you for this post. I love it. (And for your lovely comments on my blog.) Em xxxx

  8. I know exactly what you mean. I'm always flitting from one crafty pastime to another. Perhaps that's what creative minds do.

    I love your combination of painting and stitching.

  9. Hey Oracle! I think this new work is gorgeous - love the colour palette and bird motifs.

  10. i LOVE the idea of creative crop rotation. Just what I do, too! Makes perfect sense. :)

  11. Jenny - LOVE the new website :)

  12. Sweet, I love the idea of artist crop rotation! The piece you're working on is darling! I'm in rotation right now playing with hot wax painting. I love the new look over here my Jenny friend!!!
    Love to you,
    the Oregon Jenny