Thursday, 27 October 2011

Celebratory GIVEAWAY!

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." (chinese proverb)

Yep! I've taken quite a few steps to get to here, must have totalled several miles by now! And here is the next step...

Who would have thunk it..little old me with a website!
So to mark the occasion and CELEBRATE I'm having a giveaway of frilly fishie goodness...

A matching pouch and journal......

The little journal/sketchbook is perfect for stuffing into your bag and carrying about to catch those little moments of inspiration or sketches. The pages are artists watercolour paper 230gsm with a few added pages of glittery navy blueness! There are two little button and ribbon closures to keep it all neat and snug.

You may remember the pouch from one of my previous experiments which created a slight zip battle. We've made our peace now and the fishie (and the zip!) and I've even sewn on a few
more decorative bits to compensate for the heated exchange!

So if you think you'd like these frilly fishie pieces here's what I'd like you to do!!....
* Become a follower if you are not already! (do you think i could make it to 200?! Ooh icing on the cake or what!)
* Check out my website (on the link above)and leave me a comment below telling me what you like best!
* If you feel so inclined to spread the word through bloggy land, facebook, twitter then let me know and that'll get you another entry.

The Giveaway closes on November 5th...a night of fireworks in this part of the world!

And finally I would like to send out a HUGE heartfelt THANKYOU to all you lovely peeps out there,(YOU know who YOU are!!) because without the ocean of support you give those steps would be soooo much harder XX


  1. This definitely looks fishy! Great work, and congrats on your new website. Valerie

  2. Aw boo! I just found you and became a follower two days . Ho hum, just my luck. Wishing you all the best for your new website.
    Linnhe Mara.

  3. I love your journals - my favourite is the flamingo!
    I'm already a follower so I can't get your total any nearer 200 !!!!

  4. I lurve lurve lurve your paintings that's what drew me in! love your style and use of color and the photography is amazing. So crisp and clean and bold with color. Congrats !!!

  5. What a fab giveaway. :) And an awesome web site! I love your animal journals. Count me in I am your follower. :)

  6. i love your new website!
    it's so easy to use!
    & my fav thing is it's
    infused with all your
    gorgeous artwork!!!
    yesyes jenny!!!

  7. i mentioned your new page on twitter and facebook :)

  8. oh! jenny! this is wonderful!! you deserve it!!!!
    everything you make is fantastic! as a fan customer of yours i know it!!!!!

  9. Your site is an absolute joy to behold. So professional, easy to navigate, and beautifully integrated. Your personality just shines. Kudos to you and your continued success.

  10. Huge big noisey clapping from me....well done girl. I'm off to check out your site...hope you've got a button and I will put you on my blog... plus I will plug you on Facebook....Hooray for you.... :D

  11. Oops, was so excited for you missed the button...der.... and I had my glasses on... :)

  12. Love the's bright and love love it... am so darn proud of you.... whoop whoop :D

  13. I'm a happy follower and a fan, sistah! Love. Love. LOVE your new website. So much so that a little goat with balloons jumped into my Etsy cart so it can come home to America and hang on my studio wall. And hopefully the blue fishies will make their way too!!

    Cheers and xx,

  14. I am a follower! I typed that as flower at first. Your site looks AMAZING! Yay to you!

  15. Catherine Constance said we should all come see you and she was right! Love your art! Am signing on as a follower!

  16. Oh Jenny♥
    The site looks fabulous! I love seeing all your beautiful paintings grouped together. Of course I follow you, I tweeted and facebooked too!
    Love to you my friend,
    the other Jenny :)

  17. jenny i have been following for ages and i have said before YOU are the most AMAZING artist {my opinion} your work is just AMAZING.I love your work.I have always been interested in mixed media art but havent really taken that step.{poor bank balance i just brought a number of books few days ago on mix media} i LOVE the new look and the website is very pretty love love love the color!! and the boarder just devine.looking threw the textile design section and as a fan of rainbows I LOVE your weather is fine ebroidered post card .Love your paintings/prints seeing as though i have worked out this whole etsy thing {yippee} i will have to save some and buy a print or something anyway.
    Im going to blog your giveaway.

  18. ive also done a blog post and used 2 of your photos hope thats ok ?

  19. Jenny, I just checked out your site and it is BEAUTIFUL. Huge, huge, huge congratulations. What do I love best? Seeing your lovely face at the top. This is a huge milestone and I am sending you a heartfelt hug and raising a glass of champagne to celebrate.

    Love Louise xx :-)

    P.S. if you get a chance, just wanted to let you know blogger isnt giving the option put a name and url in for commenting (so my old blogger profile will show up).

  20. Your website is beautiful, I just love it all. Too hard to pick just one thing. I have put it on my Blog and on facebook. I am also a new member.

  21. hello i am a new follower,thankyou for a chance to win this lovely prize.

  22. I have followed you for a long time, so sorry I won't be able to add to your numbers either, but I do love this journal, I love the fish, I love the idea to think outside the goldfish bowl. It as huge resonance with me. I have a dear friend whose nickname is 'Fish',she has been inspirational for me and really has helped me to think outside the goldfish bowl. if I won this, I would give it to her with huge gratitude for the influence she has been on my life

  23. I absolutely LOVE your new site, Jenny! It's so bright and happy and everything that is your art. Just perfect! Congratulations and big hugs.

  24. Jenny I'm SO excited for you :) The website looks fantastic.
    What don't i like?
    I loved seeing all your paintings together like that - what a strong body of work you've got, I loved the birdhouse journal especially and generally i love the positive tone of your writing - it's great to read. oh and I liked seeing you!

  25. Congratulations and good luck with your new venture!!! The site looks GREAT!
    I have loved your journals for a long long time. I think that the mixed media ones are my favourites.
    (... Would you believe that they celebrate Guy Fawkes in NZ too!?!)

  26. Jenny, you are a huge inspiration to me... I loooooove your new blog design, very fresh, fun and meaningful. And now a website!!!! I am all over it like a bag of dib dabs. I love your work and am off now to take a peek at your website. I'd love to be entered into your giveaway and will be back soon to let you know what I love most ... It's going to be hard to choose.

  27. Your shower of love elephants journal has to be my favourite piece. Your journals have always really appealed to me and that one is my tip tip favourite. Em xx