Saturday, 5 November 2011

Frilly fraught fuzzy + Giveaway results

Fraught has been the word for this week, small child with very high temp and convulsion...not fun. But now things are settling and we can see beyond the goldfish bowl of parental fears ....cue huge sigh of relief....
Well that is until the creature from the lagoon needs to be tamed....7 days of being in bed has created something quite extraordinary on the top of said small child's barnett..
seeing is believing!.....
Where to start??!!!

So with a quick change of subject (as I'm really trying to put the whole hairbrush ordeal off!), today brings "Bonfire night", night of fireworks , "oohs and aaahs" and of course the giveaway winner announcement!

Taking inspiration from the gorgeous Anne and her wonderfully wacky ways of selecting the winner I thought I'd try a little more than names in a bowl. With my eldest always welcoming the chance to get wet or messy and with halloween having just passed (without event here, due to aforementioned reasons!) we thought a take on "dooking for apples" was adequate....
so take one list of names and write onto floaty substance
one basin of water
one willing assistant in need of a facewash!
And there we have it...the winner is Gayle from embroidery mad....yay! and congratulations...I'm delighted to be sending my frilly fishies to you. :)

Thankyou so much everyone for all your kindness, support and fabby feedback towards my new website...means a WHOLE whole world XX


  1. Phew - glad to hear she is on the mend (even if her isn't!!).

    Very pretty fishie.

  2. Fevers can cause such scary things can't they? I'm glad her hair has the worst of it now and that you're all well. I did get a chuckle out of that 'do though. :) And what a creative way to pick names, finding a volunteer probably wasn't that hard.

    Hugs to you my friend.

  3. Congratulations to Gayle!! and what a great way to choose the winner!

  4. Congrats to Gayle, glad your daughter is better, and love how you did your draw! Valerie

  5. Glad your young one is better Jenny...that parental goldfish bowl is a turbulent place sometimes!
    Such a creative way to choose a winner - but that's no surprise, as its another one of your bright ideas!
    LOVE your blog - you are sooo clever and colourful and creative - how great to see everything together in one huge inspirational (cyber)space!
    Keep up all the brill stuff..creating and parenting!
    Ali x

  6. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway. A great ideaof how to pick a winner. I love your blog and all the interesting ideas. Glad your daughter is feeling better too, nothing worse than a sick child. Counting the days till the postie arrives with my parcel. Love it.

  7. thank goodness your daughter is feeling better!!! oh, our hearts are so vulnerable as we love so big. sending a big hug to you both!

  8. What a lucky winner! And oh my goodness, I almost died laughing seeing how you picked the winner!

  9. Congrats to the lucky winner... can I suggest lots of conditioner for said barnett... and large glass of wine for Mum.... so glad your daughter is daughter did that to me a long time ago...high temperature visit to hospital...after that paracetamol in suppository form...never failed to bring that fever down... Love the new take on "Bob the Apple" "Bob the Winner" :)... hugs to you..

  10. Hi Jenny, Congrats to the lucky winner. The goldfish design looks beautiful!! Sorry to hear that your child is sick and hope she gets well soon! Your new website looks fabulous!! So fun, fresh and bright! You have inspired me to work further on mine. Wini xo

  11. Huge congratualtions to the lucky winner! I'm very much loving how you selected said winner! Em x