Friday, 11 November 2011

Bubbles and Bath Fizz recipe!

"Blowing bubbles"

I'm a bit like my Granny in the sense that if any word or phrase repeats the lyrics of a song, I'll be singing that song immediately..and usually on a loop for the rest of the day.....which works if it's a cracking tune....
"I'm forever blowing bubbles"..however is not so much of the a quick topic change is required!

It's been dark and rainy most days here, and what with a fully recovered kiddo, there's been a flurry of activity. We made bath fizzes the other day which we make on a regular basis as a form of bath bribery for my youngest! I thought I'd share in case you fancy a go...I'm thinking christmas pressies!

You need
1 cup of citric acid (from your local health food shop)
2 cups of bicarbonate of soda (baking soda for those in the US of A)
a few drops of essential oil (if you want a bit of a smell...we use lavender for the relaxing effect)
a few drops of food colouring (if you want them to be coloured)
glitter/flower petals if you fancy a bit of pizzazz!
water (approx 2 tsps)

So you mix your citric acid and bicarb together.

Add your food colouring and essential oil and glitter (all optional).
You next add little drops of water fizzes as you add it so requires quick stirring...hence the absence of photo documentation!
You keep adding little bits of water until your mixture is able to hold its shape when pressed together... too much water causes the mixture to fizz and go canny!

We used a love heart ice tray but have used play dough shapes, chocolate trays in the past....get creative with the shape you fancy! You simply press the mixture into the mould then tap it out.
Tissue paper or greaseproof paper is a good surface to pop the bath fizz onto...then you leave them to dry out till hard.

et voila sweet sparkly bath fizzes..perfect for that bribery bath :)

erm...and this is what happens if you accidentally buy baking powder instead..... oops!


  1. Great idea, must give it a try! Valerie

  2. Sweet! You're a good mamma Jenny. :)
    Happy Weekend Sister!

  3. Oh that's fantastic! I am going to try this with my neice and nephew when they stay! I imagine my neice will want a lot of glitter in hers.... :)

  4. I can feel the creative fizz building. Do you see what I did there? I really fancy doing these as little stocking fillers for my girlie friends. Thanks Jenny! Em x

  5. This is a wonderful idea. I will be trying this today.

  6. Oh what a great idea, we will have fun trying that out.
    Your website looks great by the way, (I've missed a couple of posts lately) - how very clever of you to do all of that! Glad you have a recovered household too, x

  7. That looks fun - I can see how much £ Lush are making now! My new phrase though is going to be..."Go canny" :) Love it.

  8. oh jenny, you are just
    the bubbliest, loveliest,
    fizziest fantastic friendiest!

  9. Fabulous fizzy fun...may just try that for festive fare! Thanks Jenny x

  10. Curses! If ever there was a time to regret delaying the remodelling of the bathroom till the new year and making do with a shower now would be it. Any hints on making shower bombs?

  11. What a fabulous idea! I can hear the fizzing all the way across the pond...

    And I particularly like the goat and purple girl on your header, Ms. Gwinnie B =-)


  12. This is wonderful! I made bath fizzies one year for christmas and it was so much fun. I'd forgotten about it entirely until I read your post. Might need to make some this year. :)

    Love the bubble blowing painting and that fish in the last one. Such happy, joyous fun paintings you always create. They make my heart sing.

    Hugs to you.

  13. What a fun idea for spa night. My daughter will love making them. Thanks for sharing.

    I stopped by your shop today ... everything looks so yummy!

    Be proud! Your art is amazing. I love having your print in my studio. It was such a fun surprise.

    So looking forward to your website. I know it will be amazing.