Thursday, 24 June 2010


Some of my recent dabblings....I'm really loving yellows,oranges and pinks at the mo...can you tell?! How do you get photos to turn on their much to learn!


  1. Your work is very playful and colourful. You can't help to smile and feel happy to see it!

  2. Hi Jenny,

    Congratulations, your work is bright and happy for sure... and I love how you've done the one with your girls ... that's fantastic!!! and quite a special keepsake for their later years.
    and CONGRAT's on starting a blog!!! it's quite a thing to begin I found also.

  3. are my friend for life!!!:0) The picture is actually of me and my eldest..granted a few years ago now (6years roughly) but you have made my day!! They were leftover passport photos lying about..hence the very serious faces,but i quite liked that idea of making something fun out of "officialness"!
    Thanks for your kind words and support X