Monday, 28 June 2010

Full moon, full on!

I wonder how many people howled at the full moon this weekend?! I'm beginning to think I should have been one of them ...maybe would have helped release some of this overload in my head!
So many things I'm trying/hoping/wanting to do it sometimes feels like I'm going nowhere fast! Does anyone else get like that?!
I've been one of the many participating in the fantastic "Flying Lessons ecourse" by Kelly Rae Roberts, and my boundaries have been stretched faaaaaar and wiiiiiiide!
Its been amazing, because I am considering things that would never have entered my little orbit had I not signed up. Like this blog for instance...and the etsy shop I am working towards starting...what else is possible? The list is as endless as my imagination which in itself is pretty mindblowing!
So I'm currently finishing some little angel doll/photoframes which i hope to show you shortly. These will go with my handmade notebook/journals from recycled materials that i hope to sell on etsy. I can't quite believe I'm saying these things out loud as my inner critic really thinks I'm having a laugh! But i guess that is what this blog is "pretend untill I actually believe its real" ( i think is how Kelly Rae Roberts puts it!)
And so I shall return when the moon has waned and my frantic energy has relaxed a little and hopefully no howling (or Gin and tonic!!) is required! Big hugs OOXOO

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  1. Good on you Jenny! I wanted to come over to say thank you for your comment on my blog (my first ever comment!) and I've had a great time reading through your posts so far. I'm looking forward to following your journey.