Saturday, 27 August 2011

Sewing corner... kind of!

Erm...well yes..when I say "sewing corner" I had intended to show a tutorial on making this here pouch......However, I got this far...
then botched up's those pesky zips you see!!
So I'm sharing 2 links that show PROPER tutorials on making pouches without warped zips! They really are lovely clever ladies Here and here!
And where does that leave this post...
All thats sewing corner literally! And a little of what inspires and surrounds...
Meet Jeanie (my wee machinie!) .....she is such a loyal friend and has stood by me for many years despite the severe one sidedness of our relationship. Never once has she flinched at the barrage of obcenities uttered (particularly towards zips!) nor begged for that little drop of oil she has yet to feel on her workings! I'm pretty sure she's actually smiling today because I dusted her off especially for the photo...
Ok...note to nicer to Jeanie!
Can you see the wee birdie and the bunting?'s painted by the most loveliest Michele, who's unwavering honesty is both inspiring and life affirming to be true to you!

A memento of my little ocean book that took a trip to the sea and met the cutest little dude!

An Owl by Cori dantini......just LOVE her work, and Gwinnie B's beautiful silver work too.

Loretta Grayson's tiny tree and an original Maia rainbow badge made at age 3 :)

random cuttings from packaging and magazines but speak to me still

and of course my trusty little assistant :)

Ok next sewing corner will involve sewing, promise! :)x


  1. Awww! Thanks for the mention. :)
    You are surrounded by a lot of lovely things, especially that cute wee assistant of yours! I love that you have named your sewing machine. Mine is Lola and she used to make miniature horse covers for me!

  2. jeanie's adorable & so lucky duck to live in your house. great mentions, jenny. you are such a love. everything is sweeter when you touch it..just look at your elephants! XOX

  3. you name your sewing machine? I need to name mine maybe if I find more of an attachment I'll sew more! haha

  4. I love this peek into your colorful andcheerful workspace! So fun to be surrounded by art and inspiration you enjoy most!

    I think the shape of the pouch reflects he shape of the it even more character!

  5. Lovely post Jeni, I hate sewing zips....darn things... your assistant looks so cute... have a great week... :)

  6. I LOVE THIS POST!! You made me smile and laugh (... with you of course not at you)

  7. Don't get me started on sewing in zips!!!
    Lots to love in this post...lots to see..lots of links to follow..lovely cherub at the end :)

  8. I love your cute elephant design!! Sorry to hear about your zip though. Love the peek in to your sewing corner and all the inspiring art!! Wini xo

  9. Can I borrow your cute little assistant?!?! And it's always good to have a friend who won't flinch at our obscenities :)

    Thanks for the shout-out, sistah! You got one too on my new and improved Bike Seat blog post today. Your comment about killed me, I was doubled over with laughing fits!!