Saturday, 20 August 2011

A week of firsts!

Its been a week of firsts eldest's first day at high school (gulp!) and my youngest's first day at nursery (double gulp!) Surprisingly there has been no tears...would like to say the same for tantrums!(that would be the tweenager rather than the young un!) :)

Its also the first for grappling back a bit of creative time during the day which vanished with the afternoon naps of my youngest many months ago. Its not without a taint of bittersweet as it marks my little girl spreading her wings and gaining a little step of independence.

As you can see its my first flamingo creation too! Major pinkage going on! Slightly over the top I think :)

And first little proper pouches I've made following instructions...(which I am NOTORIOUSLY bad at doing!)
I've been trying out new ways of getting my "blank canvas" from a variety of different things, as I've somehow managed to sign myself up for "The British Craft Trade Fair" (another first!) which seems bonkers when I really don't have much to trade with!!
......anyhoos pouchy bag things are proving not to be MY bag at the mo...takes FOREVER!
So a week of transformation really...and how better to end than a fluttering butterfly!
Hope you have had a fantastic week..I'd love to hear what your "firsts" have been! :)xx


  1. love your pouches, jenny!
    they really are scrumptious.
    ahhh, such lovely firsts!
    you have a range of ages under
    your dear wings..i wonder how
    many children you have?
    ours are 12 (going into 7th/jr. high)
    & 15 (10th grade)..these
    transformations are a big
    butterfly deal to be sure!!
    my first is i've just agreed
    to teach an online workshop in
    october & really don't know
    quite how this goes but am
    leaping anyway!!
    loooove to you! xox

  2. Great little pouches! Glad your kids are giving you more time now! Valerie

  3. I love the pouches! And congratulations on signing up for the BCTF :D

  4. Hi Jenny, love those pouches...gorgeous. I had my first day back at work....the kids don't start for another two really quiet... I tried to make a fimo character this afternoon the first for nearly a year... I don't like her and I need a prezzy for tomorrow,,,,
    When my girlies started school for the first time... I I shout Yippeee!... have a good week :)

  5. Such cute pouches, and such huge steps for your children.
    My youngest starts nursery in a few weeks, I'm both excited for her and me, but also a little apprehensive, I'll be child free, all by myself, alone, in the quiet. Yikes!! (planning on doing soooo much though, of course!)

    Exciting news for the Trade Fair, tell us more?! You manage to get so much done anyway, you'll fly with it. Good luck x

  6. These are lovely Jenny. Keep creating!

  7. Thank you for your completely gorgeous comments on my blog. You had me laughing and going "Ahhhh" all at the same time. I'm so glad we connected through this bonkers thing called blogging! Your pouches are just fab, they'd make great travel companions. I have lots of different pouchy type things in my mahoooosive hand bag (it doesn't matter what I'm writing about, I'll still manage to get a mahooosive in)and love organising things into pouches. I know it's a bit odd... Your flamingo journals are just so pretty, very fresh and summery. But the butterfly, oh now, that's my favourite. Big hugs, Em x

  8. Oh Jenny I've missed you too! Things are getting back to normal here: my sweet boy is healthy again and we've just about finished some home improvements. We painted the whole interior of the house and replaced all the carpet with wood floors, I love it! My daughter starts her last year of high school in a couple of weeks and my boy is heading to junior high. Hard to believe I'm nearly done raising kids. I joked with my hubby that maybe we should have a few more;)
    I LOVE these pouches! You are an awesome artist Jenny, I think you'll be famous someday!
    Love and hugs to you sister,

  9. I always gasp when I open your posts. Your work always takes my breath away - visually STUNNING, whimsical and fun. I can't believe you have a teen AND a toddler. That is insane! How ever do you manage the variety of emotional roller coasters.

  10. I love the pouches but zips are hard aren't they?
    Today was the first time (in ages) that i washed, dried and ironed four loads in one day! Glamorous eh :)

  11. Wow - what a week you've had - I'm so glad you've found some time to make some of your beautiful creations! I love the flamingos - I definitely think it's the proper amount of pink... not over the top at all :)

    Love the new pouches too - you continue to be an inspiration (I can hear the needle and thread calling)!


  12. Hi Jenny, thanks for popping over...unfortunately my first fimo character in ages, I managed to spectacularly burn. Instead of 110 degrees on my oven I did poor thing isn't quite what I was aiming for...I am trying to salvage her...In my defence I was ill.... :) all better now thanks... hope your having a good week...big hugs to you :)

  13. Transformations and butterflies, oh my! What a grand week you've had, dahling =-) And anything with flamingos is right by me. We have the lovely Fiona and Fannie in our backyard, those great retro pink plastic flamingos that scream "elegance" hehehehe...

    Love all you do and all you share with us :)