Friday, 12 August 2011

Come join my sewing corner! ...freebie Elephant pattern!

You know, I've always had this dream of setting up a "Sewing Corner", a chance for women to get together and do what they do best - share stories, support, love and a whole lot of laughter... all while stitching away!
You see, while I love getting messy with the paints, seeing colours splash across surfaces...its the sewing that gets me the most. Part of it's the satisfaction of putting idle hands to good use, but more than that it stills my mind, keeps me present and at the end I can directly feel and touch what I create, the texture, the lines.....oooohh I think I may even be salivating as I type :)

Anyhoos, I'll get to the point! I've gone and opened a little etsy shop selling pdf patterns that can be printed and sewn up, for anyone who wants to give it a try. I've got a lifetimes worth, and a drawer full of them waiting to be shared :)

But I also want to make it a regular thing to share freebie patterns that you can print off yourself and again have a bash own little sewing corner here in bloggy land!
So todays freebie pattern is "trunk to tail".....and incase you're new to the whole sewing shabang here is a wee tutorial.......

After clicking on the elephant picture above, copy to a new word document and print off the desired size. (if this sounds way too complicated leave me your email address and I'll mail you the pdf) I use the good old fashined window "lightbox" technique as seen below, and draw on the lines with a water-soluble pen...but you could simply use a pencil, pen, whatever you have to hand.

Now I've got the outline all drawn, I've got some black embroidery thread, you could use thin wool, or sewing thread if its what you have lying about (all of which I use too!) I'm using stem stitch to basically fill in the outline with black thread. Stem stitch is described below.

When it comes to the bits I want filled with colour I use satin stitch which is detailed below.

I'm still sewing away on my piece...I've got this far...

I'm going to make it into a box pouch ....guess I'll save that for the next sewing corner session! :)

Today I'm linking this to the gorgeous Em at Mimi and Tilly's who has a Favourite thing on a Friday. Hope you are all having a fandoobly day..I'm away to hang with my gorgeous sis and her little girl yay!xx