Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Step with me into the turquoise sea

Front and back cover of "Step with me into the turquoise Sea"
Open up and step into the waves!!

So here I am again with this weeks Colour Challenge - Turquoise ...my first thoughts being wooohooo! I loooove that colour! (my wardrobe would probably confirm this!) There is something so nurturing about that colour, uplifting and enveloping...
Naturally I'll not be alone when i say it makes me think of the sea..the kind that you bathe in when on holiday and travelling in sunny climes (though I CAN actually confirm I've witnessed the most turquoise of seas at the most northerly spot of Scotland! ) So...it'll not take a genius to make the connection when you see my piece for this week.
Yep, I've gone for a book again, flag book stylee this week. I've been fancying making a flag book with a wood/tree/green effect but the colour turquoise has taken me on a detour to trying waves first.
On reflection I would have liked the waves to vary in size rather than all being the same, and the writing is pants, but I've reached that stage of scunneredness that I'm leaving it at that! However I'm delighted that I got to use some netting and scraps that i have hoarded away since making fairy dresses MANY moons ago!...it pays to be a squirrel for sure :0)
Other than the colour challenge what else is making me smile right now...
*My eldest daughter got a new goldfish which she informs me has been named "Cheeser Pip Jimminy Billy Bob Junior"
*My 2 year old currently has nothing on but wellies and an umbrella and is running in and out of the house into the rain


  1. Hi Jenny, This journal is really lovely and I think the 3D waves and the watery images look fabulous!! Have a nice weekend! xo

  2. Thanks Wini! Nice to meet you! :0)

  3. I wish you lived next door......I love that book. I want to touch it.

  4. You always come up with the coolest pieces for the color challenge!!!

    I love the name of your daughter's goldfish - say that 10 times fast! hee hee

  5. Jax; email me you address and you won't have to relocate to Scotland to be my neighbour! :0)
    Kristin; you're too funny!! I can't even say it once without slipping up...reckon my daughter would be keen to put it to test though :0)