Friday, 20 August 2010

New things

I've been trying to free up my creative anal retentiveness! My mum swears blind I'm a control freak/perfectionist. I say i just know what I'm trying to create and that i have to keep going till I'm done! I do however usually have to have the finished image of what i want to make/paint/create in my mind before i start. This is so I know where I am going and therefore i guess ="perfect" results...ok mum so maybe there is a hint of truth :)
Either way because of this all the wee snippets of inspiration and flurries of ideas often get left behind because an end idea can't be visualised....this is what I'm working on!

I have started these funny little "journal pages" inspired by the amazing Teesha Moore (click on her name on sidebar and it'll take you to her website) She creates the most amazing works of art from her journal pages, each page is just brimming with colour and random images all pieced beautifully together. I can't say I have followed in her footsteps, but the best bit for me is just letting go!...Beginning something without the end in sight...just going along to where I am being taken and having a HUGE ammount of fun along the way!
If you click onto Teesha Moore's journal pages there is another link that will take you to a step by step process and of how she goes about it...go on..try for yourself :)


  1. i love teesha moore too! i am going to have a go at making and collaging a journal teesha stylee. she makes it look so fun and i love how in her youtube videos she just slaps things on the page and doesn't worry about it being all prissy and perfect; it always look amazing when she's finished!!! your pages turned out awesome too - well done :))

  2. Oooh I didn't know she'd done youtube videos...guess what my next free time will be spent doing!!:)