Saturday, 3 September 2011

September already?!

OK! Own up...who stole summer?
Hmmm...I do have to admit to blinking atleast once or chances are I may have just missed it....
Oh Scottish Summers!

Its been a nice week here, we've all settled into the changes of starting school and nursery and I've been taking full benefit of the kiddo-free couple of hours in the afternoon.
I've been finishing projects, the final handsewn touches to these phone pouches....
(started off making one for my friend's birthday but am never able to just make one! The rest are in my shoppety shop!)

I also had a custom order for a journal cover based on the fabric book I have made featuring the piece "Stop! and smell the flowers". I enjoyed trying out making something new. There was also the additional ask of a matching pouch where mercifully the zip behaved perfectly!

What with the book and phone pouch I made it's almost like I've got a little line of acessories going! :) Can you see it in the shops?! Oh yes oh yes!! imagination is going hay wire here :)
World domination mwahahaha!!

*THUD!* ok...I'm back now! :)xx


  1. your haywire
    is my
    honey doo!
    jenny, i just
    adorrrrrre you!
    swirly twirly
    pretty heart pow!

  2. Awww..shame about the thud...I was getting quite carried away too!! Love your.. everythings....
    Been thinking about you and your week of firsts..but as someone stole my August too I haven't had chance to cyber-send my thoughts.
    Keep up stopping to smell the flowers...and thanks for the reminder to do so!
    Ali x

  3. A wonderful collection. Glad your not going for world domination :)

  4. Keep going on your world domination thought - I think the world would be a much better and prettier place with you at the helm!

    I certainly will vote for you...and your collection of whimsical and uber-delightful covers and pouches.

    Go for it!

    Cheers, Jenny

  5. I just adore your little phone covers. World domination? We could sure use more of your colour and sweetness in the world, you go for it lass!!

  6. Don't you just hate the thud moment... I was in that shop...oh I was really happy... love those phone pouches..... just gorgeous... I'm not finished with summer yet either... I want it to carry on till next spring... Back to school's bound to rain...yuck yuck... playground duty in the rain is no fun... my hair goes frizzy .... :) have a great week...

  7. Oh my, you have made the most of your time. I love the little collection.

    I can't believe it is September already, though I do love the autumn, snuggling up, wearing woolies, the colours of the leaves, time indoors making and baking, it's just the winter that follows that I'm not so keen on. x

  8. Oh wow Jenny they are all gorgeous. x

  9. But those are fantastic.....worthy of the trip into "what if" Land!!!

    Beautiful :D

  10. Oh yes! yes! yes! I can definitely see your beautiful creations in the shops! Wheee!!!


  11. Loving those iPhone pouches - makes me want an iPhone even more now! lol.
    You are clever!

  12. i am so loving your phone pouches! what a great idea....and they are truly unique and oh so beautiful! xo

  13. This world could use an artful domination by Jenny! More giggles, more color and more fun!!

    Love every single thing you create. Love your vision. Love your humor. Totally love you, dahling =-)


  14. Scottish summers are much like Irish ones, it seems! I'm glad to just know what to wear each day now that it is clearly just going to be cold wet and miserable each day for another 6 months at least! I love your phone pouches - I'm sure your friend did too and congrats on the custom order. I love the world domination idea - I get that little spark each time I sell a piece but the length of time between purchases sort of levels me again very quickly!

  15. I know I said I was going to stay away from the computer for awhile but I had to just say that these are awesome!!!!

  16. You have been busy, Jenny. Your shop is growing and looking gorgous, love how you are using your artwork.

  17. Very awesome! I could totally see your stuff in stores!

  18. Wow, Jenny, What an awesome collection! You go girl!!