Friday, 9 September 2011

Oh my singing heart!

My heart is singing..oh yes it is!
I wonder if you remember the little JOY journal I made a while back...

It was for a lovely lady called Katie who lives all the way over yonder in Hong Kong. The journal had all the usual bits and bobs, various papers, recycled and new, including a road atlas of Britian.
Turned out with a wonderful twist of fate, that the random parts of the Road Atlas I had used as pages in the journal actually featured the little parts of the world where Katie's family live?!
I LOVE the incomprehensible mind boggle that such beautiful synchronicity presents :) And of course at that moment I knew the JOY journal had found its way home :)

That was a while ago now, and since then I have had fleeting thoughts of that wee journal, along with several others that have found their way "home".....wondering what treasures have made their way onto those pages... cue singing heart...

I got an email the other day from Katie sharing a "spot of JOY" as she called it! :D
57 gorgeous photos of the colourful, loved and adorned pages she had filled to overflowing....57 reasons that made my heart sing and filled me to overflowing !

Katie, so kindly was happy for me to share her wonderful pages...and there's a whole lot more over here!

So thankyou Katie for bringing me JOY, and THANKYOU for the reminder that journals ARE good for the soul and not just a frivolous way for me to make a living! :) x


  1. this is the gift that keeps on giving!
    amazing! love your journal & love her pages
    & love the sharing here & on & on!!
    InSpIrIng!!! xoxo

  2. Oh how happy you both have made me today ! I adore when a gift is truely loved and used. Unlike me, who truely loves the journal I received from you and display it on a shelf but am afraid to touch it because I am sure I will mess it up ..deep breath... and that would be just terrible.

    Thanks for the sunshine on this dark and rainy day.

  3. What an amazing story. No wonder you are so full of excitement and joy. I loved seeing the album on Katie's Flickr site. What more incentive can you want, to carry on creating?!

  4. WOW WOW WOW!!!!
    That is SO COOL!
    What a lovely, lovely story! This has made me feel a little hopeful!

  5. My heart is singing (can you hear it over there in Scotland and Hong Kong?!?!) after reading this marvelous little story of joy and home and the magic of life's sweet surprises!

    You rock big time, sistah, with your amazing talent and oh-so-fabulous self =-)


  6. What a wonderful story, it's so great to see where the things you make go, and how they are used and loved.
    And how kind she is to share her JOY with all of us!

  7. what a beautiful blog; i was just browsing from blog to blog and... i am so glad i found you !
    this is such a happy story!
    xo sandra

  8. How lovely to get this feedback from Katie. Your journal was a gorgeous starting point and she has made it a stunning riot of creativity and colour!

  9. Aw, the journal is beautiful and how lovely to see that it's been so much appreciated and well used :)

  10. How incredible is that amazing serendipity?!?

    What a gift to see how your beautiful journal was filled (I can see why your heart was singing)!


  11. How fantastic amazing to see how your beutifully vibrant joy journal has inspired and encouraged someone's creativity...and so much so that they have given you such fab feedback!
    Makes me motivated to sieze the day!!
    Ali xx

  12. So, SO lovely to see, Jenny! The way the journal is meant to be. I wish I had that kind of courage. But, I love where mine sits, perfect and pristine and a lovely reminder of you, out there in the world.

  13. WOW This journal is a beautiful and incredible treasure!! I am very inspired!!

  14. So lovely to see how your journal has been completed. A total joy x