Saturday, 17 September 2011

Beavers and zebras!

The beaver title is in reference to me..just call me Jenny "the beaver" Blair!...(or maybe not..sounds slightly x-rated now I say it out loud!)
My point is I have been busy the proverbial beaver. Its amazing what can be achieved in a couple of extra hours a day. (praise be to nursery!)

A rainbow of "subirdia" books for the fabby Starfish Studio.

A new book for my etsy shop, featuring my "waiting for lift off" print.
Flamboyant flamingo books for storing outrageous dreams and pink inclinations!
Another rainbow of dinky books for documenting your staple 3 good things a day in! (all for Starfish Studio too)

Phewee...and will you believe I've even managed to tackle the ironing pile BEFORE sunday evenings last minute effort! Let me stop and pat myself on the back!!

As for the zebra reference...I'm afraid no there's no hidden stripy friend at the end of this post just a sparkling discovery gained from a children's progamme no less.....
Did you know that a group of zebra's is called a "dazzle"?!
Well slap my fantastic is that?!....There may well have to be some dazzling zebras making an appearance here very soon! :)
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend x


  1. They're all lovely but I especially like the subirdia ones! And this is probabaly a bit random, hehe, but your labels are really nice too :)

  2. jenny, what ever animal you are being,
    i just love you. i adore your every tree
    + home + being. cozy cuddly darling love.
    lovelove it all. XOXOO

  3. Hi, Jenny! What wonderfulness you've been up to while I've been away. Not that I'm surprised. You are always up to wonderfulness.

    Sending you many thanks for all of your kindness.

    Hugs to you.

  4. Hi Jenny!

    Your subirdia books knock my socks off! Your talent never ceases to amaze me :)

    I am so happy to know about a "dazzle" of zebras... Very, very cool, indeed.


    p.s. Your "new name" made me laugh (a LOT) out loud! I think that one would be better saved for another profession ;)

  5. I'm in awe...I'm dazzled by you Jenny!
    Loving your creations my friend.
    Wishing you a happy weekend and a pat
    on the back!

  6. Ok... so I read the start of this with one eyebrow raised! (I have a fairly x rated mind...)
    You my dear...are very clever.
    I love all this stuff!

  7. Well, my heavens, you have been a busy ....ahem, maybe we should use the word bee, instead....haha!

    Wonderful creations! Hooray for school!

  8. Wooohoooo Lady, you have been busy.. Jenny they are fantastic... there goes a dazzle of Zebra.. all off to the StarFish shop to buy your goodies... love love love.. have a great Sunday. Hugs to you.. :)

  9. Wonderful work, you really have been busy! Valerie

  10. In between laughing uproariously about the whole beaver thing (I'm glad you noticed, i was worried about telling you!) I am so excited about all you've made. You have got into the groove as Madonna would say. :) I wish i was a zebra - i'd love to be part of a dazzle...

  11. I've put your books out on display this morning and they are looking absolutely fabby dabby! Kirsty is over the moon with the book you gave her - thank you so much :)
    Kate x

  12. Love those suburdia books, my little one started nursery too, once I stop pacing the room and looking at the clock I hope to get something done too!

    A dazzle of zebras - how fantastic indeed! x

  13. Those little books are adorable! The shop looks super too. if only it was close enough to visit...!

  14. A dazzle eh? Cool name. Better than a murder of crows. Poor crows to be lumbered with that collective name! I think we might also say you've been a busy bee!

  15. Ok, can I just say how I snort giggled and laughed my way through this post. Your opening sentence had me rolling. Everything is just fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. And yes, I am most impressed it you did all this AND the ironing. I've barely showered and can't remember when I've eaten last. :)

  16. such a lovely collection of creativity right here in this post. infact if I'd compare it to a bunch of zebras and say it was dazzling (and, no, i did not know that but love it!) your subirdia work is my fave-love it!

  17. Dear Jenny, thank you for entering my giveaway and for all your kind words! I am so inspired by your busyness. Everything looks fantastic but I truly love the flamingo books!! Looking forward to seeing some dazzling zebras soon! Wini xo

  18. Oh what gorgeous creations!! I do love love love your work - you're so talented! (and, as always, I'm waiting for your residential workshops so that you may pass on some of your secrets ;-)Mind you you'd have to start with the very basics. lol.)

    Love that you've taught me that a group of zebras are called a dazzle - how fab! I shall be spreading this knowledge :-)

    Great that you're being so productive and sounding so happy. I seriously need to emulate some of your productivity.

    Kat Xx