Saturday, 6 September 2014

Behind the scenes...

So in less than a week I'm that is! I know it's a good decision when the excitement beats the doubts...and it's now feeling like the right time!
I'll explain all next week...but this week I'm left with not much to share other than behind the scenes goings on!
There's been garden stitching:

Stitch tutorial making:

Photograph taking...(erm sorry to disappoint but my 6 year hasn't been given the job just yet..still ironing out working terms!)

And website/blog of the first attempts!

I'm accepting that it'll all be basic content to begin with...time will allow the fleshing out of bits and bobs. I've been less of a slave driver with this project..which is a first!

Oh and of course I've had to pop into my local craft supplier (rhymes with lobby draft!). Which after hunting down the embroidery hoops (aka snazzy bracelets) I had a wee flick through some mags deciding which one to buy, and happened to stumble upon my Doe Cushion in Craft seller Magazine! What a surprise!  I've never bought this mag before so promptly took it home (doe cushion and all!) ...lots of useful bits of info for the crafty selling type, as well as ideas and patterns to sell yourself, if you were stuck for ideas. 

So that was a lovely boost to the end of my week.
I hope you've had a lovely week, what ever you have been up to. I shall look forward to seeing you here next week with my brand new spanking "home" to share xx eek! xx

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