Friday, 12 September 2014

We have LIFT OFF!

UPDATE: *GIVEAWAY CLOSED* Winners have been picked!

I'm celebrating! It's my birthday today  AND I've just made public my new sewing corner /blog. The move is complete!
Balloons,bunting and Battenbergs are out :)... and a GIVEAWAY too!
Come HERE to join in the fun!

I just want to say the biggest THANKYOU to ALL of you who have supported me, and cheered me along as I have experimented, created and eventually turned my dreams of becoming a self employed artist into a reality. Thankyou so much for following along with me and this little blog which has bumbled and meandered over the years. (4 whole years!Has it been that long?!) I'm sending a HUGE big smackeroo to each and every one of you. It's been emotional! It's been JOY-full. It's meant EVERYTHING.

So much love to you!

Now for the new chapter.... nothing would delight me more if you came along too
Jenny xxx


  1. Congrats darling Jenwami. How inspiring and utterly amazing! And how lucky am i to have such a privileged front row seat? You are the real McCoy, and i love you. xxx

    1. Tammywoo....I love you too (more than rainbows ALWAYS!) xx

  2. I am so HAPPY for you (and for all us who will benefit from another inspiring blog, oh that autumn sewing is calling to me!!)....way to GO!!!!!!

  3. Congratulations Jenny, it has been lovely to see you find your wings xx