Friday, 29 August 2014

Kids, phones, photos....

Do you find random shots on your phone camera that you never took?
It happens frequently here...usually involving a small child's face with a tongue sticking out or googley eyes...and usually about 100 of them one after the other!
The other day however I came upon these photos below which tickled me ... as I looked at each one I could only guess at the thought process that went behind them...and was amazed at how we influence our kids without even knowing it!

Let me walk you through them...
Backstory : Skye and I were in my studio space, I was tidying while she was having fun with my pens drawing on a block, which I have lying around (and use to mount my textile pieces).
I continued to tidy up (clearly distracted as I wasn't aware of her taking photos with my phone), and she took the first photo...which was very blurry but where the block stood on its own on top of my bureau, the rest of the items that normally live there shuffled down a little.....

Cue my interpretation of the "thought process"  and the rest of the photos.........

"Hmmmm think we need to style this photo a little...I need some props!
Lets add a fox......"

"Yes! loving the pop of orange...but  no! not enough! I want some more flow and movement ...lets add a stick with cones....and straighter ....lets get the photo straighter!"

"Oh yes I am feeling it now....but something is missing....I want something little and furry looking......I must have  a miniature bear...that is the missing key for sure! Oh and the tiny  ceramic heart dish?.....That's definitely part of the shot now... even though it really is only there as default from not shoving it far away enough..."

"Yes! That is it.... perfect!.......the flow, the balance, the colours, the movement......
Or is it?
Gah! scrap the woodland animal last season .......
No ...the classic look is where I'm at....bring in the perfume bottle....but best keep the precariously balanced curvy stick in.....I am ALL OVER the curvy stick!"

"Perfect darling PERFECT!"

Trust me there were many more photos....repetitions of the ones above.... but the final style shot remains the one above with the perfume bottle! Perfect indeed  :)

The amount of photos I've taken of my items over the years, and presumed Skye was otherwise occupied or simply not interested  has clearly been wrong! They really don't miss a thing do they?
Now to claim back my curvy stick...cos I'm all over that too :)x

PS. I'm moving blog in 2 WEEKS! Prepare for some goodie GIVEAWAYS!


  1. oh this is such sweetness!!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Ha! Yes, hadn't thought of that :)x

  3. So cute - you have me grinning & chuckling to myself. Yep they don't miss a thing and they tend to be better with technology, almost as if they are born knowing it I find. You should hire her to do some of your exhibitions and photo work :-)
    New blog hey....sounds exciting...I shall keep an eye out to learn more :-)
    Kat Xx

    1. You're so right Kat...Maia (age 15) is my go to for any tech problem/ do they even know these things?! Ha! Yes I'm sure Skye would love the role as chief photographer..however I can imagine that she'd end up more the diva rather than me ;) xx