Thursday, 21 August 2014

Info packed!

Blimey, the weeks are flying by!
I thought I'd  share a few things this week, that you may not have heard about but might  like to know? ....

First off have you heard of GREAT.LY? If you are an artist/designer/maker and looking for another place to offer your wares then this may be the place for you? The one proviso is that you offer your items as  WHOLESALE...which is an immediate "no-fit" for some.

The idea behind it is that there are "Tastemakers" ( a collection of people who have a BIG online audience, be it well known blogger, instagrammer, designer etc), and there are the "Makers" (which is where you come in!)

You list your items at no cost onto the site, same as you would if you had a shop on that anyone who comes along looking for "-- (insert your own item name)--", types it into the search bar and up your item pops. MEANWHILE  (and the icing on the cake)  the Tastemaker's are busy rummaging their way through the items on GREAT.LY , and filling up their own "boutiques" with items that they have discovered and love! ( in etsy terms its like creating a large treasury, or in pinterest terms like pinning to a board).
The cherry on the top is the fact that the Taste Makers, in turn , share the contents of their boutiques with their lovely and rather large audience.

Hmmm took me a couple of re-reads to get it too!

Case and point is...I got my Bright blooms Embroidery Kit in the Jealous Curators Boutique!  (Thats the screen shot above!)....I mean, what are the chances of our 2 worlds colliding? If you have never heard of the Jealous Curator then you can check her blog here.
I nearly snorted tea through my nose in delight and shock when I found out! AmaZING! (note to self no tea drinking while on computer)

Obviously the tastemakers and GREAT.LY get a cut, which is why you sell at wholesale price.
You can find out all about it here..(scroll to the bottom of the home page)

Another new and interesting website which has recently launched  is , which if you have ever fancied holding an online workshop is a potential venue for you. They are calling out for
"... instructors in the broad areas of home, computer, crafts and personal improvement. Classes may range from general introductions of topics (“Baking 101”) to in-depth training in specific focus areas (“Using Your Camera’s Shutter Angles for Creative Control in Motion-Capture Photography”). Anyone with a skill or knowledge base and a desire to teach is invited to create a class on atly. "

 You can find out about how to be a teacher here, or if you simply prefer to be a student and learn something new you can check the classes available here.

Can I just end by sharing the couple of workshops I'll be holding.... I do realise there is about 0.1% of  you that actually live in my vicinity  :)..... but as I've said before ..I have to share everything with you ( and just incase you missed the shameless self promo over on facebook !)

I'm holding an Embroidery workshop in September...

And a mixed media/applique/vintage stylee purse making one in October:

How's that for info packed ;)xx


  1. Good luck with your classes Jenny, they look really inviting. Wish I lived neared :)

  2. Thankyou Sandie! Wish you lived nearer too ;)x

  3. Wow, lots of fab interesting info. Firstly though, congratulations on getting selected on by the Jealous Curator :-) I shall have to check out the website further. sounds like something I'd be interested in too. Lots to check out. And oh how I wish I could come to your workshops....Cornwall to Scotland is a bit of a drive but maybe one day cause the kids have never been and I really love it up there. If we do get the money together & plan a trip I shall let you know and see if I can come your way :-)
    Thanks for sharing so much useful info. Hugs, Kat xx

    1. Oh that's great Kat, glad the info is of some use ! I'm never sure how useful it is as I'm often behind on whats "happening", so presume most people have already heard.
      How amazing would a visit be?! I would sooo love that :) But yes a bit of a long trip for a workshop... Lisa (aka Little Dotty Bird ) has offered a camping pitch in her orchard so I can do a workshop in Cornwall..... I can see this adventure hapening in 2015 :) Hugs to you!xx

    2. Oh wow, a workshop in Cornwall, please don't forget to let me know when you've organised. And I'd love to get together with you whilst you're here as well as the workshop. I can offer you a back garden with lots of trees and pretty flowers to camp in (although its abit of a trek to the bathroom) & I have friends who have holiday accomodation so if you need any other help let me know. I'm all excited at the thought of meeting you and attending your workshop too. Fab :-) xx

    3. Oh and thanks for introducing me to another Cornwall based creative lady - Lisa Little Dotty Bird :-) xx