Thursday, 14 August 2014

Transparent Transition...

No ...its not as fancy as it sounds though I do like to create an air of unnecessary intrigue! (or is perplexion?)
Its just that I want to keep you in the loop as to what is going on around here....things are about to change and I'm a tad nervous, but mainly yip yippee excited!

So its probably easiest to rewind a little.....back to PULSE , the Trade Fair I went to in May (aka Phase 3 of my business plan).
Picture me standing at my stall, all smiley and welcoming ...."yes please come and look, take a catalogue of order you say?".....  (such charm !)
And yet while this outer persona played out, inwardly I'm thinking "please no not the don't order the cushions... NOT THE CUSHIONS...oh you like the embroidery kits?...yes thats fantastic..oh yes you can order them....infact please do..please PLEASE do!"

One cushion mound  = one order ready!

Should I be sharing this with the world? .... probably not! But we have been through so much together, you and I.... right from the very humble beginnings of my creative bloggy biz-y journey.
And yes, you did read correctly. I was at a Trade Fair I had spent hundreds of pounds to attend, and was willing people NOT to buy the cushions.
It wasn't because I didn't love them and feel proud of the work I'd put into them. It wasn't that I didn't dream of seeing shops full of my colourful designs.  It was more the making of them....FINALLY I can admit it and say.....
My name is Jenny and I don't want to sew items for wholesale mass production!
Erm  perhaps my Phase 3 Business Plan wasn't so clear after all.

The funniest (and greatest) part is that since PULSE my embroidery kits have REALLY taken off, and I have never felt so inspired, happy and motivated before. And  (perhaps not surprisingly) the cushion orders have been small and easily manageable. Phew!
Bright blooms kit gets a wee feature in Simply Crochet Mag this month! 
I also now have this crystal clarity on what it is I want (and "need") to do next.
I LOVE assembling the kits and sending them off, I LOVE having all these resources on my website to compliment them. I LOVE the limitless ideas that are flowing to me right now.
And I LOVE seeeing that what I've been creating for the last few months has actually (even if quite subconsciously) been leading towards this next move.....
A long dreamed  SEWING CORNER all of my own, here in webby land.
Cue LARGE squeal of giddy delight!

 I'm in the awkward angsty stage that comes with anything  BIG and new.....  debating on how much to let go and change, reluctant to let go of this blog (its like opting to leave behind a long and dear friend), creating a new website and blog where hopefully things won't feel entirely empty until it grows and develops.....

Ultimately its a new fork in the road of my creative journey, which I so hope you would consider coming along for the ride with me. It really would mean the world.

So that's about as transparent as I can be...and the transition so far. In the next couple of weeks I hope to come back with something exciting and concrete to show you. For now the bravest step for me is to hit PUBLISH on this post :)xx
Here goes........


  1. Im with you Jenny! I love your designs and have been following along with your blog for a little while niw and its been fun to see you build and develop your business. I find your experience quite inspirational too as I am just starting my attempt at a crafty business. Cant wait to see what you do next!

    1. Such lovely words Mokki, THANKYOU so much :) I'm so grateful to have lovely people such as yourself to share this adventure with xx

  2. Loving your bravery, and that your kits are getting out there, especially to the very wonderful Ramshambles, York and wooly loveliness all in one shop!

    1. Thankyou so much Jo.... it looks like such a fab shop, I now have the perfect excuse to visit ;)x

  3. Congratulations Jenny!! I love watching you and your business grow, you should be so proud. I know exactly what you mean about the cushions. I think until we try things and test them out we can never know what will work or whether it is what we truly want. So I love your transparency, it is brave to put yourself out there and I have all the more respect that you do. So many people can relate to your experience and good for you that you recognised that you didn't want to take an idea any further. Good luck with your next steps - so pleased to have been part of this journey with you.

    1. Oh Sandie! How I'd love to sit and have a cuppa with you, and we could marvel together at the adventures we have had and the twisty turny roads that we've been taken on :) Just amazing! (and so far from being over!) Thankyou so much for your lovely words, I feel equally as grateful :)xx

  4. Big girl pants and a business head - you'll go far! Good luck - I'm glad you're finding your true north.
    BTW - why is everyone threatening to ditch blogging these days? :(((

  5. OOOh how exciting Jenny - so fab that you are striding down your next path....looking forward to trotting alongside you cheering you on as you pop by!
    Ali x