Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Howdy! I am still alive just Missing In Summer Holiday Action......
Park visiting, sunshine beaming, cousin playing, ice cream scoffing.....

Sandcastle constructing, wave jumping, sea splashing, fun frolicking.....

Camping, face painting, food festival chocolate tasting, dog over cuddling

Even managed to fit in a little magazine appearing! (my toadstool cushion..not me!) Oh my!

AND selected for the Blog and Buy Sale Wishlist too!...Lucky lucky me.....

There's still 2 weeks left ....wonder what can be vacuum packed into that? :)x


  1. sounds delish!!!! here's to more of the same magicness to come!
    congrats on your magazine and blog sparkles!

    1. Awww thanks sweetie....hope you and your girls are having a summer of magic and delights too :)x

  2. Congratulations Jenny on having your work shown in a magazine.
    I have FINALLY taken the plunge myself and given up full time work. I have started to run book making classes and am loving this new found freedom and opportunity. Enjoy the rest of the holidays x

    1. Oh my goodness Sandie! That is such FANTASTIC news! So happy to hear about your massive life leap. Sending HUGE hugs and star jumps :) ... and wishing so much happiness in your new adventure xx

  3. Fab photos Jenny - looks like lots of fun is being had :-) You only have 2 weeks left? My kids have another 5 I think, so we must have started a lot later than you. It has been busy here and difficult to fit in my art and jewellery/card orders but it is all good cause I love spending time with my kids. The blog suffers but I've just managed a post & trying to keep hand in on facebook. Need more hours and energy, know what I mean?
    Congratulations on your mushrooms magazine appearance & your blog and buy wishlist appearance. You are doing amazing with your creations - but then they are all gorgeous so I'm not surprised.
    Keep enjoying your hols!
    Kat xx

    1. Hi Kat, thanks so much for your lovely are a sweetie :) The kids came off at the start of July... though I am sure my girls would be happy with another 5 weeks left of their hols! I've had to hit the 'pause button' on most of my business crafty pursuits...only ends in tears otherwise (mine not the kids!) But that is the beauty of self employment, getting to work it around the kiddywinkles :) I hope you and yours are enjoying all the sunshine and having a fab summer. Love and hugs to you xx