Wednesday, 2 July 2014

More forest friends.... sunshine doe and a unicorn

A big "Hello" from Sunshine Doe!

The love is continuing.... a couple of new foresty friendy visitors wanted to pop on by.

Sunshine Doe has been one of those projects where I kept on having to add bits/colour splashes/ embroidery stitches....until I got to a happy place with her. Many hours later she is ALL about the summer...and I'm liking her alot! She's a keeper.

On finishing my first batch of foresty friends my teenage daughter was the first to ask if I'd make her one....  How could I refuse her request of  a unicorn ...15 years old and still believing in magic...*love* :)

So meet 'Legolas'.....aptly named by Maia....its all in the ears we've decided!

He looks so funny front on...... definitely elfin ears!

Lovely Legolas..... and a pink one is now in the making for the 6 year old who most definitely believes in magic :)
Hope you're enjoying the glimpses of sun and delighting in the fact there is only just over 1 week of  the World Cup left!!x


  1. These are so cute Jenny & make me grin wide :-)) And I, of course, completely believe in magic!! Hope all well with you all up in Scotland. Tis busy season here in Cornwall - for the county in general & for our family :-)
    Kat xx

    1. Oh thankyou Kat..they make me smile too :D We are all great up here thanks for asking lovely.Its not quite the scorcher we had last year but more in keeping with the wet camping trips and memory making adventures that we're used to. Hope you and your family are all having a lovely time. Sending big hugs xx

  2. oh these are incredible! magic indeed....may all of us always believe!!
    do tell, what did you mount the heads on?
    and YES I am pleased that the cup will be done soon so our hubby will come back to the here and now!

    1. :) I say YES indeed to a hubby who is "present"! Apparently there is only 4 more games to go...woohoo! The heads have been mounted onto laser cut fibreboard offcuts from a job Stu was working on.....I have a large pile if you would like a couple? x