Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Pulse 2014 - My experience Snow White style...

Yay! Everything has returned to its equilibrium again, I'm home, all the admin is on top of, and a few days of R&R have passed (which you definitely need after a Trade Show, I reckon!). Now I'm all for sharing the experience....

I managed to come up with a display design that would fit into a suitcase....these are the bags that carried everything on the train... toothbrush,clothes, cushions and all..quite impressed it all managed to squeeze in,but there was really no other option. I did not want to drive to London!

The journey was effortless and the exhibition centre was really easy to find. It was funny setting up with all the empty booths around and the workmen still fitting carpets and painting stands with only a few hours to go.....it seems there are some that take leaving things to the last minute to the extreme!

So my display idea was kind of "snow white" inspired ...you know when the birds and animals come fluttering in when you sing  a little song carrying gifts tied with ribbon!...tralalalala ;)

Thanks mum......she likes to catch me at my best angle :)

The finished display....

I was happy with the display (which isn't best shown by these pictures and the dodgy lighting)..and just seeing the photos I still want to burst into merry song! It felt good being there with my items getting shown to the world.

As for the Trade Fair itself , overall I would say it was good, and a great experience.
You would be right in sensing a little disappointment, as it turns out the Trade Fair wasn't hugely busy...which I guess I had gone with big expectations of (I mean it is London after all!).
Apparently exhibitors who have been attending Pulse over the last 5 years, said that it's been getting quieter every year and that this was the quietest show yet. ?? True or not, funnily enough this is something I have heard with every Trade Fair I've been to (from the exhibitors NOT the event organisers!)....Which leads me to think that either it's entirely my presence that is having the effect (eek!)....or what I'm more inclined to believe...that the way we are all buying things has changed completely. The boom of internet e-commerce shopping paying testament to that. 
Anyhoos its certainly got me thinking about whether I'll return to another trade fair..
I did get orders and a couple of amazing opportunities should they happen. (which I have also learned not to count on until it IS actually happening!)
However, the most worthwhile element for me,as with all the Trade Shows I've been to, is the people you meet and things you learn from them and the experience.
I had the loveliest neighbour for the 3 days while I was there,but I want to share her gorgeous goodies in another post, along with some of the other artists and their work I had the pleasure of meeting....come back for part 2.....!x


  1. Hurrah - you did it! Your stand looks really inviting and eye catching. If you try another fair how about Spring Fair? You can apply for a subsidised stall too if you investigate. Thing is that the challenge stretches you and that's good isn't it - good things will come I'm sure x

  2. Thankyou Claire :) Good things definitely come, there is no doubt!. I shall investigate the Spring Fair..thanks for that x