Friday, 9 May 2014

A birth of cushions!

I'm offski! Picture Dick Whittington heading off to London seeking his fortunes with a hanky on a stick and his cat, and you're half way there .... except it's a suitcase I carry and my mum for company!
I wanted to change up the vibes here even though my last post did end spectacularly on a HELL YEAH! (Which I must add...Thankyou so much for all the hell yeah hugs in reply! Made me smile  xx)
I'll also be away most of next week so consider this my blog post in advance.

I wanted to share the final items that are coming with me..the last of my "babies" which  have been gestating over the last 9 months!
They are all cushions...
and I have to say ALL my favourite (spoken like a true mother!).....

You've seen the squirrel before.


And big ol' Bear!

I'd done a little market research on facebook to determine whether "dangles" were a good idea or not.... in the end I reckoned  FUN  far outweighed practicality! I may however live to regret this as dangles are a pesky thing to sew...


There's a red one too!

 And last but not least...Twin Peaks!

Finally they have made it out in to the world......I'm very happy indeed!x


  1. With your midwifery background there's no doubt that these will be delivered well and grow up to be future leaders x Looking forward to hearing how it's all gone.

  2. Good luck from a secret admirer...(only secret because I can't find your follow button). At least you won't be worried by 'what if' and 'if only', the demon twins. Eco Ethel xx

  3. Yey! They're awesome. I Love the fox! They all look great and the dangles are cool, I'm sure they'll go down a storm!

  4. Gorgeous cushions, you are so creative.

  5. amazing!!!!! love them allllllll!!! gotta get you a shop here in canada to sell them! or at least order some for meself! have the best time in London! Good luck!!!

  6. LOVE them, jenny!!!! xoxooooo