Thursday, 22 May 2014

PULSE - part 2 - Anna Wiscombe

Wall bird families. Photo credit: Anna Wiscombe
At any kind of creative event be it Trade Fair or Craft Market, (as anyone who has ever been will know!), your neighbours play a big part in the whole experience. I've yet to find myself in a situation where  my  neighbour hasn't been absolutely lovely, supportive and happy to share their take on things. Which I have to say is the biggest blessing of the creative community.
 And at Pulse  Anna Wiscombe was my neighbour. Lucky me! 

Sunshine necklace photo credit: Anna Wiscombe

I had seen her beautiful work before, I think in Mollie Makes, and had been lead to her website to peruse her gorgeous items. Naturally, when I realised she was my neighbour it was with delight that I approached her to introduce myself. I do believe I mentioned the words "stalk you" in my opening sentence.......she very graciously chose to shake my hand anyway and be the loveliest neighbour from that point! 

Having been working with Stuart to create coasters (he now has an etsy shop open. Yay!), I  can completely appreciate the time and care that has gone into the pieces Anna makes..... a whole lot of love that is for sure. 

She's got a great range of items .....Necklaces and brooches..

And birdies for your little families of course.
So so lovely! The colours, the wood, the simple elegance...there is just something so peaceful about all Anna's work.

She introduced these very pretty  flowers too...the first laser cut pieces (the rest she does by hand....did I mention time and care!)

You know me..I was swooning of course!
Unsurprisingly and deservedly so, her stand was bustling with activity....I look forward to seeing more of Anna's hand crafted work spread its magic....
If you want to see more go check out her website and shop... I highly recommend it x


  1. Oh I adore Anna's work, those flowers are just gorgeous :D

  2. Luverly stuff - very complimentary next to yours - two gorgeous stalls.