Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Hello Spring!

Hello spring, I see you sneaking in with your warmer winds, glints of sunshine and unfurling buds, the eking out of days and the lightness in my heart.
My most favourite time of the year!
It's brought a hustle in our house with painting and DIY, and a serious urge to de-stash. So much clutter here.
It has also brought relief and hope that maybe, just maybe the only 3 pairs of tights my youngest will wear will provide leg coverage for just that little bit longer......I have perfected my skills in darning this winter, that is for sure.

I found myself with the urge to paint a pink doe the other day...so I did.
who knows what urge Spring may bring tomorrow!

My website has been getting the spring treatment too, with some new bits and bobs added..still working away on the shop though..the big reveal will be sooooon!
Oh and I finished the BOOTCamp assignment....
This is what I handed in for the submission to Lilla's Gallery. Not entirely overjoyed with it, but felt it was time to move onto the next thing (like the pink doe!) 
I did find the phone case a struggle to get into...the fact that they are such a small and odd shaped "canvas" ...plus  I guess I should bashfully own up to being one of "those" who has a phone (still the size of a brick..I do believe they are coming back in fashion now) which is either not switched on, misplaced or left at home. Stu loves that part of me I am sure ;)

Anyhoos I digress...
Back to spring, hope you're feeling it in the air x


  1. I love your gorgeous painting of the pink Doe. Annette x


  2. Spring is definitely on its way! Love your pink doe too!

  3. Lovely pink doe, I love the detailing of the dots. I'm the same with my phone so I can sympathise!

    1. Phew, so I'm not alone :)Thanks so much for your visit and lovely words Mokki x