Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Always learning..

I'm very much a geek. Which feels good to say as for a long time the inner geek got dialled down to make way for social approval! The things we do :)
Anyhoos I am always on the lookout for things (online/books/classes) that'll teach me something new. For better or worse I'm always working away on something in the background. Last year saw me try out repeat pattern design and hand drawn lettering (through Skillshare which is a REALLY great resource and cheap CHEAP too!). I tried out hypnotherapy (a friend was studying it and needed some case studies...I'll share more another time) and energy moving techniques to satisfy my "woowoo" side!
What else? Many books perused like this and this, interviews listened to over on "Smart Creative Women" with Monica Lee...the list goes on.
Point of mentioning this? Well my recent learning opportunity is taking the form of Lilla Rogers' Assignment Bootcamp.

If you are interested in design at all it's likely you have heard of this colourful and dynamic (and very inspiring!) lady. I figured if I want to make a great living from my art, it would be a wise move to get assignments and insights from one of the best. 
                                   The point of Lilla's Bootcamp is to become part of a creative community, and fulfill assignments which get you drawing, drawing, drawing.The end result is plenty stretching and growing, some gentle support and hopefully a few finished pieces worthy of going in a portfolio!

You may have guessed that this months assignment involved cuckoo clocks! Which I love and took as a good sign as I've been working on creating a cuckoo clock design since the summer...and kept getting stuck on! 

The end  assignment suggested using the cuckoo design as a phone cover, this is where I've got so far....yep I'm stuck again! These cuckoo clocks are driving me cuckoo ;)
I've started a repeat pattern too...still more to add but thought I'd share so far also

So what about you? I imagine I am not alone in this quest for learning and growing and geekery! I'd love to hear what you enjoy getting your teeth into x


  1. Your stuff is quirky and inspirational as ever and I know exactly what you mean about your inner geek, it can be hard to be different but it's what you need to create

  2. That course sounds fab! It is so important to keep things fresh and new and a little inspiration goes a long way! :) I've been on a screen printing course at a local art college for the past 5 weeks..Ive got another 5 weeks to go. It's once a week for 3 hours in the evening and I love it sooooooooooo much. Not sure whats going on with facebook but even though I 'like' your page from my personal and business page I never see your updates!! Thanks for your email about the freehand embroidery portrait by the way...I thought you'd say that..wish I'd got my act together sooner...doh! Ah well, good to see that you are thriving xxx enjoy your creative journey my lovely xxx

    1. That sounds like so much fun ,I've always wanted to have a go at screen printing! Thanks so much for your lovely words Lisa, hope you're enjoying the your creative journey too :)x

    2. You would love it...and be super good at it too! Only trouble with screenprinting is the mess..think I might need to start convincing my other half that I need a garden studio/shed of my own! xx

  3. Yes I can relate to the quest for learning. Unfortunately in my case I think I use it as an aversion tactic. I usually get to the point in an artistic/creative endeavour where I feel I've reached my ability level so give up and move on to something else. The great big strides you make when learning a new skill are somehow more appealing than the hard slog required to improve on it.

    The bootcamp sounds like a fab idea, plenty of support, encouragement and gentle prodding. I wish you the best of luck with it, but judging by your fabulous designs you don't need any :)

    1. I agree Linnhe the great big strides are the most fun, I've never been one for perfecting the minutae details..which is maybe where I go wrong! Thank so much for your visit and lovely words :)