Monday, 6 January 2014

Hello 2014!

So it's back to "auld claes (old clothes) and porridge" as my Granny would say, for the holidays are well and truly over.
I've been spending the last few days taking stock of what 2013 has brought, dreams fulfilled, lessons learned and improvements required. I tell you it's been quite a year! One which I am so grateful for, as here I am a year later with quite a different view of the world  and an exuberance that I've not felt before! 2014, you are going to ROCK!

The start of 2013 took me to Glasgow Trade Fair with my textile pieces. The ensuing months became filled with stitching and MORE stitching . Six months of fulfilling orders, as well as preparing for my first ever Gallery exhibition (a solo exhibition at that), culminated in a sewing overload and  required a serious re-think as to what exactly I wanted from this creative business of mine.

Summer brought blazing sunshine and a beam to any shadows in need of blasting!Aaah, I am a sunshine girl for sure.
Late summer heralded a new chapter, as my youngest started school, which brought some letting go and opening up...a new space was created for experimenting, developing and designing. This became the quiet and introspective balance to the frenetic beginning of the year.

2013 also saw my dream of getting published realised..more than once in fact! A delicious treat of an experience and one to be recommended to all!
Not sure I can say the same for turning 40 (ha!), but it brought the treat of time away , just me and Stu ...and plans/dreams for what's next on the homefront.

My big girl disappeared and a young woman showed in place, first exams were sat and new challenges met with courage. My little girl grew also, teeth fell out and tooth fairies visited..I do declare she may finally be getting to grips with wearing clothes too!

Of course, oh so much more ...a full and beautiful year!Thankyou 2013. So very much.

I feel so much excitement for what this year will bring. I'm so aware that seeds need time to be planted and to germinate, but with prudence and care the time comes for growth and harvest. I'll be planting plenty more seeds this year, but I'm also showing up for some harvesting! yeeha!
I'm heading to London's Pulse Trade Fair in May with a whole batch of new goodies to launch into the world. I've never felt prouder of what I've created and can't wait to show you.
Stu and I are working on our house to get it ready for selling too. That bit of land is waiting, it's a-calling us to it!
There is more, but room needs to be left for the delights of life that wants to show up by know,the ones that are so sublime we can't even imagine them up?
Yes...2014 bring on the Rockin'! xx