Monday, 30 December 2013

Gratitude for all thats been and inviting new things to come...FREEBIE Printables

How have your holidays been?
We always seem to hit a wall around this time, there's kiddie tears and tantrums, feeling the lull after all the excitement, late nights and chocolate for breakfast!..then it all begins again with Hogmanay and New Year. Oh man!
Amidst the quiet lull though, I find its the perfect place to take a little time to look back, take stock of  the last 365 days and give thanks for all that has passed, all the lessons learned, goals achieved and reasons to be grateful. There have certainly been plenty!

I made a couple of printables for you to print and write on, if you like that kind of thing.
One for writing and celebrating all achieved and grateful for in 2013...another for writing what you would like to invite into your life in 2014. 
Right click on either image and "save as" to your computer then print away and fill in along the dotted and dashed lines.
I liked the idea of filling in mountain tops with dreams reached, and meandering paths with the journeys that we have walked and felt grateful for.

I also love the idea of filling a valley full of intentions...where the land meets the sky and possibilities are infinite!
I hope you enjoy the rest of your holidays and are feeling excited by the potential a whole new year can bring! Wooohooo! :)xx