Thursday, 5 December 2013

The "not so" secret of getting published!

I am really delighted and honoured to say my work has been published in the Winter Edition of Sew Somerset, and not just one article but two!
I tell you it's a FANTASTIC feeling! (picture Julie Andrews bounding around the Alps singing "the hills are alive" tra la la la)

It's also had me marvelling  at the fact that something I once viewed as 'A Great Mystery'  requiring some kind of insider mystical knowledge, is in fact VERY straightforward and requires no secret handshake/special knowledge/genius talents.
It simply required a bit of action on my part (getting off my backside and actually sending in some pieces for submission to Stampington publications) and a touch of good fortune (that what I sent fitted in with what they were looking for at that time.)

It all comes back to that old addage "got to be in it to win it" or even older " if you don't ask you don't get".......

Which is slightly annoying, as the excuses no longer know, all the ones we tell ourselves as to why such and such is not possible/likely/ever going to happen.

Don't get me does require you to put yourself out on a limb, offer your creations (and your heart on a plate) to be rejected and rebuffed if said creations don't make it to publication. But I assure you the picking up of a heavy heart is way easier to soothe when you know you did atleast try...the constant niggle of having never tried is not quite so...

I am NO expert at this, far from it! But even with my limited experience it is quite clear to me that if YOU happen to be flicking through a publication, appreciating what you see and pleasantly day dreaming about seeing your work or words amidst the same  pages, or worse still... feeling slightly envious and wondering "what have they got that I haven't"?....then it's time to take action! I urge you to check the submission guidelines, email an editor, dust off  some items and find an address to send them to. 
There are so many publications out there (not even touching on the online side of things) all looking for something/someone to fill their pages, share a little of their uniqueness and creativity. Meant in the nicest possible just really need to get off your backside too!

And with lady luck/divine providence/(fill in with own chosen deity) on your side you will get to experience a touch of Julie Andrews in your life too.
Tralalala :) x

Added note:
haha! It appears we are all to be gifted some Julie Andrews/sound of music magic today.....amazingly and very randomly have just stumbled upon this image ...AWESOME!
by Sarah Bellar

from Hama beads no less!  :)xx