Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Walk with me.....

Its day 3 in the vomiting child household...and caught between sleep deprivation and cabin fever I've already succumbed to a pre-crimbo chocolate indulgence (mint could I ever resist you?!)
Don't be put off by my desire to share all though, as the baulk inducing topic is done..I'm moving onto feelings of glad-ness. 

For glad I am, that I listened to my inner urges last week, of walking amongst trees and being out in nature while the sky radiated an almighty blue, and the air was crisp and clear.
These early dark days really sneak up on you, and I am realising it's all too easy for me to spend day upon day of working at home without stepping out other than doing the school drop off and pick up.
That is not a great way to function. (and only has one outcome...the demise of a LOT more minty matchmakers )

In need of a little nature fix right now I thought I would indulge myself and re-live last weeks winter sunshine, and get you to come along too......
Walking past the sand stone houses..admiring the birds and their viewing place.

Sand stone walls (dry stane dykes) ,old relics  and golden leaves

Heading through the woods to MY tree!

Oh magnificent Scots Pine...did you know you were MY tree ;)

If I turn my head to the left from here, I can see the ancient standing stone....there are so many of these to be found around this area, some with intricate carvings, others like this....pre-historic monoliths which were created for a reason no one really knows. It's hard not to feel reverence when you come upon one....often they can be seen in the middle of a farmers field which has been carefully ploughed and planted around. These ancient stones remain, and will continue to stand for more seasons and lifetimes than I can ever imagine.

A wee rest against the stone. I can see the "lowlands" in front through the oak leaves.... 

 And the "highlands behind me. These are the hills that call me....and formed the backdrop of my youth in the days when fear didn't prey on parents minds and kids were free to roam.
Ah soul food for sure!

This is the view I fill up on before heading back home.....a horizon that feels limitless to me.The hills just keep on going and going....and a little bit of my heart too....till the next time I follow my inner urges.