Friday, 15 November 2013

New website..back to my roots

Oooh lala, I'm feeling quite chuffed with myself........
I'm updating my website and have finally got it to a stage where I can "publish" it to the world!
It's still a work in progress but.......Taadaaaa....

You can visit my new shiny website here

I must admit to mainly feeling chuffed that I worked out how to create a "screen shot"...who knew it was so easy? Makes me realise there are buttons on this keyboard I have never even noticed existed. How observant  I am!

If you get the chance to have a little mosy around I hope you like the feel. There are still changes to be made, and more things to be added (like a whole new shop) but this feels like the closest I've gotten  YET, to creating something that sits together and feels really good!....and dare I say, perhaps even resembles a "brand"?!
I've written a whole new "about me" part that felt very liberating and true...unlike most "bio's I've written (and read for that matter), it's me on a plate from the heart! No more trying to be anything other than who I am! Simple and so bloomin obvious!

Hugs to you all. Hope you have a wonderful weekend x