Sunday, 27 October 2013

Thinking outside the box

You can't get more literal in "thinking outside the box" when it comes to living in a home which moves away from the traditional idea of a house and what constitutes a "home".
"Train car" from
I've always been inspired and fascinated by things that step outside the boundaries of the norm. As a result , when it comes to living spaces I have found myself over the years staying or living in all kinds of places , including yurt, boat house, vintage caravan, teepee and even ambulance!
What I think I love most about  living in a "not quite the norm" home is the vision and and creativity that's required to first design /build/adapt it.
 And next the innovation it inspires to make full use of the space available (which in my experience has been pretty small!)
Inside!! Wowzer!

What I have also found with most homes outside the norm (and my other fave bit) is that nature becomes the largest part of the home...there's no back garden but rather the home extends into the nature that surrounds it and stretches as infinitely as the sky you can see!   

Treehouse at Alnwick  photo credits: Maia Blair  taken on our recent holiday. AMAZING!

And how's that for an entrance to the front door! (Alnwick treehouse) Photo credits:Maia Blair

 Its been a dream of  Stu and mine to design and build our own home, a tailor made nest that fits our family perfectly. We are very blessed that Stu has the skills, knowledge and experience to do this.
 A lot of time has been spent  imagining this home, and it's tended to go along the lines of.. grand ,open plan ,spacious,light and big windows, (think Grand Design type) one of which would require nothing short of a lottery win! However it recently dawned on us both that in truth this is not really a match for us and was really just continuing to remain "inside the box" 
And as providence would have it an opportunity out of the blue came to us just before the holidays to buy a little piece of woodland!! 
Alas this piece of woodand was not for us, the planing permission wasn't up to spec for what we would like to use it for...(think tree house meets log cabin!). But what we came away with was the utter joy and excitement that a dream of ours is completely achievable and within our reach....without a lottery win either!
So we are biding our time knowing that the right bit of land will come along at the right time and we'll be jumping on it.....and a new home will be created that matches perfectly the creative life we lead! :)

And funnily enough what keeps showing up are reminders of this....

True originality can be found in the most unusual of ways....(thanks Em for the share) ..check the inspiring story out here.
 There are waaaaay more inspirational homes and images to look at out there ...I dare you to go look ! ;)