Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Birdie plates!

I'll quickly swing past the fact I haven't been around for a few weeks (it's been October school break) and still haven't got xmas cards to show (printers getting something fixed)... and jump straight into talking plates! I've had a growing collection of miss-matched plates for some time now, some vintage, others just in need of rescuing from the local thrift shop and given some love. The plan was to add my own designs either using decals or ceramic pen/paints. 
As with most intended projects, the plates have gathered dust  (hangs head in suitable shame!)...but I did paint some little designs over the summer hols with plates in mind ,which I thought I would share.

This has a painted background and digital coloured bird in the foreground. Experimenting again! It's called "The great escape" 
I've mocked it up roughly on a plate below........too nice to eat off of I think!

plate photo:Photo: Kristina Schuster (Flickr)

This second design is entirely paint and aimed entirely to make the eyes zing!It's called "morning glory"

Below is another quick mock up.......

Loving the colours against the porcelain! And feeling suitable inspired to dusting off that neglected crockery! x