Monday, 2 September 2013

Playing with flowers

This summer I've barely picked up a needle and thread, the need or desire just hasn't been there since the sewing marathon for my Solo exhibition. I'm happily going with it and enjoying the urge to simply paint and draw..and draw and paint some more, developing new pieces, new work. It's liberating and exciting to be following the flow of inspiration. I've been playing with photoshop too, getting to grips with it a little more. It never fails to boggle my mind the limitless possibilities that it provides. In a good way!
I set myself a little challenge last week to draw a flower a day, and managed to keep it up (pat on the back for me!) Some samples below.......
Loving playing on picmonkey too! (home of  washi tape and sweet birdie!)

I wanted to see what I could do with a pen and ink sketch on photoshop...

This is as far as I got! The bit I love most about photoshop is that I can try out colours that my paint/fabric stash doesn't include.....and change them again in a flash! 
Looking forward to sharing some more soon!x