Thursday, 5 September 2013

Swooning over Kathe Fraga

Have you seen the work of Kathe Fraga before?....if not, you are in for a treat!
I came across her beautiful  paintings at the start of the year along with my introduction to the term "chinoserie" and instantly fell in love with them....its the colours and dreamy qualities..the simplicity but yet the detail and depth and layers. Swoonaroo!...Or as The Jealous Curator would say..."Dammmmm"!

A rustle of feathers

Pink silk and white roses
She "aims to capture the hand painted, timeworn walls of a grand old Parisian mansion, and each piece resembles an aged decorative fresco panel"
Yep...I'm feeling that! .

Springtime in the afternoon.

Aren't they so deliciously sublime.....It's hard not to share each and every piece she has created......which is rather a lot!

Dans le jardin

Les chansons de le jardin

I urge you to check out her website and blog..and be inspired, uplifted and transported off to a timeless serene sanctuary!