Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Loving lanterns - wordage wednesday

(c) Jenny Blair 2013
One of the changes I'm making here on my bog is to show up more! And to share more of what I like know like the pretty little things that make you go "ooh"?!
So right now it's lanterns that I'm loving..they are everywhere and have been for some time so I'm not exactly "on trend"...but the array of colors, shapes and patterns tick all my boxes....and inspired me to get the paints out. 
I also likee like words...some singular ,some joined together to create sweet reminders or motivational mantras. So welcome to "wordage wednesday!", where if I have some lovely words to share I'll be doing it got it...on a Wednesday! 
And on that earth shatteringly genius note, I'll leave you with some lantern loveliness.......

Dottie Angel does lanterns in her own inimitable style!

There's a great tutorial on how to decorate and create your own unique lantern here: DIY decorated lanterns

Hope you're shining your little light :)x