Monday, 26 August 2013

Hello again!

So did you?....Let the sunshine in? :) 
Its been a Scottish summer revelation..that we can have summer WITH  sun! Who'd a thought?!
I certainly didn't need to be told twice....soaked it ALL up, well and truly, and had a real treat of a summer,
chock full of adventures and sweet times with my family.
The recent break from blogging has been a blessing, as I now return to get on the ol' bloggy horse with a revived and refreshed bounce. There's been changes going on here.... in home, heart and art...and it's my goal to get this here space reflecting that too. I do hope you continue to enjoy visiting and come back often.

And here is my youngest cheeky cherub that started school last week.....
*sigh* how time flies when you're having fun x