Friday, 8 March 2013


I'm having a little fungal love going on at the all began with the novelty idea of taking one old paperback, sowing some fungal spores and then watch the little shrooms seemed especially satisfying when it was a trashy upon cheesiest "chick lit" book that was used! ( which every 3 years or so I find impossible to resist!)

Alas....these 3 crackers grew and then......nothing! Stuart made the valid point that while it had been fascinating and fun watching them grow, the averaging cost of one mushroom = £4.00 (£12.00 for the kit) and makes these probably the most expensive mushrooms around!....perhaps I should try an ebay auction.."exotic trashy novelty mushroom variety ... 3 of a kind!"..... continue the fungal love, if you haven't experienced Mr Finch's exquisite work before , it's my pleasure to hand you over to some of his magnificent mushrooms...which actually will be even more expensive than mine...but more than worth it! :)
Mister Finch's website is here

And his shop is here! I urge you to check out his is quite incredible!

And to end can I just say how kind I have been in sparing you from  the only joke I know (and have ever been able to remember) know..the one about the mushroom at the party....he was a really funghi......



  1. You so had me then, I was on the verge of rushing to the shelves to find a bad enough book worthy of such destruction, but the financial implications of such an act, well its made me rethink! However I do love Mr Finch and have done for quite some time.

  2. I swear I commented on this one! Gargh!

    It went along the lines of... I love that you planted mushrooms in chicklit. I love how expensive they worked out (chortle) I have the chicklit urges sometimes but then head back to my zombies. Have you read Married With Zombies? That combines the two ;)

    I hadn't seen Mr Finch before but since your post I'm seeing him EVERYWHERE, especially on Pinterest. Thank you for opening my eyes! x