Friday, 1 March 2013

A comfortable place to be....

I'm quite used to getting the odd raised eye brow when I mention the full moon and the effects it's having.I'm no astrologer, but it makes perfect sense to me, the power of the moon pulling the tides..and the water/emotions within us. It's also been proven to me time and time again , by noticing the patterns of  my girls over the years ; their inability to sleep around a full moon and the behaviour that would suggest they've had the biggest injection of sugar! As a midwife I was always curious to see whether more babies would be born, or labours began.....still not so sure about that theory being true...

Anyhoos, this most recent full moon was no exception..and the feeling of overwhelm was S.T.R.O.N.G. To the point of near self combustion! The long list of things requiring attention, the very short space of time to achieve said things, not to mention the simple task of feeding the kids if nothing else ;)....overwhelm oh yes!
At least with the awareness that the moon was heightening this feeling, and that perhaps things weren't quite as overwhelming as they seemed (they never are!).....I took some comfort and waited it out, with as much calm as I could muster. I must add a big cuddly non ferocious bear at this point might have been a really nice place to seek refuge.

And like I knew it would..the moon is waning as are my panicky feelings that I have waaay too much going on. A little bit of balance is restored...till the next full moon :)

This piece "a comfortable place to be" I made quite a while ago now..but it seemed a fitting time to share. I also can't resist introducing this charming duo......"Betty Sue" and "Rita". Still loving those budgies :)

They offer no particular calming influences over the tugs and pulls of life (and moon) ,but they definitely bring a smile and a strong waft of spring!
So what do you all think? Have you noticed the effect of the moon in your life? Seasons ? Nature ? I'd be really interested to hear  :)x


  1. Wow, how pretty... Love the girl and the bear alot, and those lovebirds are so sweet.
    Liefs, Melanie

  2. I'm not sure I've noticed the moon making a difference but I'm certainly in a better mood now that the mornings and evenings are lighter!

    Love the new budgies :D


  3. i love your dear leaning against the bear!
    love love LOOOOVE, jenny blair! xoxo!!!

  4. Once every lunar month I feel like I am going to explode. there is a pressure growing in me that has no safety valve to let it escape. It gets worse and worse I develop a splitting head ache, become a foul partner and parent. Then just when I think none of us can take any more I go to bed and wake up feeling ok. The feeling of claustrophobia at this time is fairly over whelming. I think a big warm cuddly bear would probably help a lot.

  5. It seems to be some moons, and not others that play on my state of mind. I adore the cuddly bear, I think everyone should have one! Sunshine on my back made me feel so cheerful yesterday, and the day before. Guess this full moon had a beneficial effect on me this time.
    Wendy x

  6. It really is so strange how freakishly similar we are!! I am strongly affected by the moon and its phases! I didnt realise it was a full moon on monday and I couldnt think why I was so hyper and alert. I stayed up crazy late sewing a panel for my ma and I diddnt want to sleep...only then when I closed the blinds did I notice the big fat moon staring down at me! Some months it has a good effect and I'm very hyper in a positive ad prductive way and other months is all coming crashing down around me and the feelings that you mentioned are all about..sometimes I go out and smile at the moon and sometimes I curse it and sometimes...most times I have a little dance around in the moon shadows!! xxx glad your feeling "normal again" xx

  7. I never thought of things like that... I may just pay a bit more attention around the next full moon as I know that overwhelm feeling all to well.

    I love your new creations. That bear - you can almost feel how comfy cosy the girl is squidged into all that fur. And you KNOW I love your budgies (he's still not took custody yet *g* Though he has mentioned a space on a shelf in his bird room - I fear I may soon be bidding farewell. Cheek of it, wanting his own gift all to himself!)

  8. Your work is so amazing!! I just love your stitched images and sense of whimsy.
    As for the effects of the moon - I used to teach young children and could definitely tell when there was a full moon by their unruly behavior!