Thursday, 21 March 2013

Bottled sunshine....

I'm not sure about you, but I am in serious need of some sunshine ...that comes at the ready, delivering an uplift pronto..because frankly winter I am sooooo over you!
And praise be! I  have exactly the desired magical remedy in my cupboard, in the form of Bach flower remedies.. and the one that works best for me... "gorse flower remedy". Oh yeah!
Have you heard of Bach flower remedies?  I'm pretty certain you'll have noticed the popular "rescue remedy"  seen in most chemists and health food shops...and maybe even bought it for yourself or a family member (seems to be popular for teenagery pre-exam jitters and kiddy tumbles!) 

Rescue remedy contains 5 of the 38 flower essences that were "discovered" by Edward Bach some 80 odd years ago - each of the 38 flower essences correspond to a particular emotional state which Bach believed were the cause of physical symptoms.
 The purpose of the flower remedies is to bring a person back to their natural happy balanced state of being. (And if that caused an eye brow raise then YOU are defo in need of a little flower remedy too hehe!) 

You can read all about Bach,his fascinating life, theories and remedies here.

So  the idea is you select  the essences which correspond to the emotions you're feeling and take 2 drops from each remedy and pop into your cup or bottle of water.Then you take 4 drops of this tincture 4 times a day..or whenever the urge takes you. 

for example:

I 've picked my compadre during the gloomy depths of winter.."gorse" and mixed it with 2 other friends (olive and hornbeam) that helps kick my oh so lethargic bahoochie....
and the effects.....such a relief! sunshine in a bottle for sure!

The beauty of using these remedies is that it treats the individual and the emotion YOU feel towards whatever life situation you find yourself reacting to.

There is a brief description of each flower remedy here.

I was introduced to Bach , his theories and remedies some 15 years ago and have used them ever since...loving their gentle effect and the fact that anyone and everyone can use them ...children, adults, animals and plants! The fact that they can do no harm was the first appeal...followed by witnessing and actually feeling the subtle changes and effects. I'm a BIG fan!

My girls have also grown up well aware of mum and her "magic remedy" , and have had their own little concoction made up on many an occasion too! :) 

So there you have it....a little bit different from what I normally post but  if you're ever in need of a little bottled now know where to go :)x


  1. I wish winter would go away too. I need to get some Bach remedy. :)

    1. I definitely recommend it..or perhaps a nice bottle of red instead ;)xx

  2. Well I never. This is all new to me but something I will definitely look into! Interesting post - lots of food for thought!

    1. Please do! It works wonders on temper tantrums! (mine and sometimes the kids too hehe!)

  3. I have used a couple of Bach remedies before but have never thought of mixing my own 'potion'. I am so sick of the winter too. The weather here is freezing, windy and looking like snow. Spring has got to be on its way surely! jaynex

    1. I'm living in hope Jayne..the little bulbs that had started to poke their heads out are now submerged in snow...poor things! x

  4. Great post, really interesting to see you using more than just Rescue Remedy. I use homeopathy in a similar way but may think again about Flower essences!