Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Ta daaaaaa.... !

Finally I have something to show you!.....the  project I've been working on is now in completion!...a wee range of stitched cards and limited edition prints...yippee!

 I started creating these stitched designs almost a year ago, squeezing them in between the other projects (and life!) that was going on..and I'm feeling pretty proud of my little creations....its been like having children all over again :)

They'll be coming with me to the Glasgow Trade Fair this weekend, which I'll be exhibiting at...I'm in the throes of last minute organisation  as I type!
 These birdie ones are a little different from my usual stitching but they are my favourites for happy with how the cards and prints capture the exact textures and depths.You could easily mistake them for the original, the prints especially.The temptation to touch is high!

Some familiar faces you have seen before too....
Thought  I'd better make atleast one "gentlemanly" one!

  Good old gloria.....I do love a cheeky budgie, and a pink one at that!

 I wanted to include a little bit of wordage too.....

 Aah, feels so great to have shared and released these out into the world! Thankyou so much for looking :)x


  1. Oh these look lovely, they look like the real things! I hope the trade show goes well for you! :) x

  2. they are gorgeous...i love the blue bird and the thankyou card is super fab!

  3. i love your birdies too! (of course, lovin' all the animals!)
    these look amazing as prints and cards, darlin!
    hugs! xoxo

  4. gorrrrgeous. love love love. you are so talenyed!

  5. Hi Jenny,
    wow, you've been busy. Loving those cards. So bright and cheerful, just what I need today. Like the new header... :)

  6. Gorgeous new collection Jenny!! The detail on the prints is amazing, like you commented it feels possible to actually touch all the sumptous layers and textures. I thought that of the little notebooks I bought from you as well.

    A hearty Welcome-to-the-World to your new creations :-)
    Kat Xx

  7. Oh wow! These are super! I love the happy days one, so cheerful. Fabulous. Hazel x

  8. set the scene by picturing this - jigging up and down, oohing and aahhing, moans of I want That one! what a great idea - i want to do something just as lovely - and you have some of my responses! FAB work Mrs Blair ;)

  9. Ta Dah indeed Jenny they are gorgeous. Good luck at the fair, hope to hear how it goes soon. x

  10. Wow Jenny - these are indeed gorgeous and really do look textured. Good luck with the Trade Show - you really are putting yourself out there in so many ways. You deserve all the good things coming to you.

  11. Gorgeous, beautiful, stunning cards. Well done.