Thursday, 24 January 2013

Spring Trade Fair

Well, I made it to the trade Fair in Glasgow! Phew! Turned out the emergency woollies and flask were not required because as soon as I'd left the winter wonderland of Kirriemuir the sun was shining and the snow was non-existent! Bizarre!

What a great 3 days were had.....and so many lovely new connections made. That deserves its own post though so I'll simply share my own little stand today!  

My sweetest Stu made me a little print stand and table that cleverly flat packed. Oh..and the frames for my cards and blocks too..lucky me! I was pleased with how my creations were displayed, though of course there are always lessons to be learned and tweaks to be made!

Both the cards and textile pieces went down well....and I have to say the highlight was when an artist that I have admired  for quite a while went home with one of my blocks! :)

So I'll come back soon with some linky love.
I'm also going to come back with a little giveaway that will properly  introduce the little owls that you can see in the photos...but most importantly will celebrate my first year anniversasy of being a self employed crafty lady....yipeeeeeeee! xx


  1. Your stand looks lovely Jenny! Everything looks really nicely displayed :) x

  2. Your stand looks fab. I thought it must be about a year you've been totally crafty... congratulations. :)

  3. congratulations Jenny your display looks beautiful. Annette x

  4. Well done Jenny - it looks very pretty and professional. It's so good to have a helpful and supportive man! It doesn't seem nearly a year ago you left your job - I can still picture that photo of you leaping into the air! Keep leaping high!!

  5. Well done Jenny, it sounds brilliant. It takes a lot of time and effort to attend a show so it is great when it goes well. Look forward to hearing your news. Jayne x

  6. The stand looks amazing, I love the look of all those blocks in a row. Confession time - Craig's hasn't made it out to the birdie shed, I love it so it's stayed indoors :-)

    Congratulations on the year of self employment. Will have to go look for the post of you jumping in the air now!

  7. Somewhat crazy to say this but...I'm so proud of you! x