Sunday, 27 January 2013

Trade Fair love!

I'm back to share some linky love with some of the lovely and talented exhibitors I met in Glasgow.
It was definitely easier going to a Trade Fair the second time around as you have a slight idea as to what's required and what happens. But it's the fellow exhibitors that make any Trade Fair experience the easiest by far....sharing experiences, passing on info and knowledge...and good old "blethering" that pleasantly passes the quiet moments of the day.
I need to apologise first for the not so great quality photos...I hope the loveliness still shines through!

Catriona Archibald was the star of the show for me. (well apart from my mum who was the queen,of course!) Our stands were side by side and many a moment was stood chatting and admiring. Her ceramic pieces are as lovely as she is ..and I now have a beautiful cup to treasure and drink tea from! 
She is currently updating her website, but I'm sure she'd love a visit!

I had the pleasure of meeting Lindsay Kilpatrick at Harrogate last year, and it was so great to see her friendly familiar face in Glasgow..and of course her stunning jewellery. Lyndsay's beautiful work is inspired by east coast Scottish fishing villages, which is close to my heart having grown up just a hop and skip away.
Here is one of Lindsay's own photos which captures the quality of her pieces in the way they deserve!
Go and check out her website and stunning  portfolio on flickr.

I also have to introduce you to Fiona (Stable Card designs) . If you visit my blog often you'll know I'm partial to a bit of colour as well as the occasional sottish colloquialism injection! these cards of hers I LOVE!...a bright and "in yer face" joy-full card range! 
Fiona also happens to be one of the most open, welcoming and encouraging people I have had the pleasure to meet, and has been an amazing "brain to pick". If you ever need a boombastic colourful injection into your life and a card a little different from the norm, go check her website out!

I can't end without mentioning Flossy Teacake and EmilyNotman too. They both were at Harrogate last year, where I drooled over both of their work,and have secretly stalked them since (in the nicest way of course!) They were sharing a stand, which lucky for them I never got a photo of ,instead I have to rely on their own photography...
flossy teacake

emily notman
such gorgeous work..both of them! So much talent...and so young too!.....which makes me realise how OLD I must sound! :)

So there you have it...a little linky love....I hope you go check them out....and say hello from me :)x


  1. Hi Jenny,

    I LOVE your blog (now have blog envy!) Thank you so much for sharing my work and your lovely comments. It was great to catch up again and see your gorgeous work which you know I adore. I need to get some budgie artwork! Keep in touch and maybe see you at the trade show in September?

    F x

  2. Oh so much goodness, thanks for all the linkies Jenny. I'll be checking them all out but I can tell you right now that Stable Card Designs will definitely be seeing my pennies at some point. I'm a sucker for Scottish talk and always, always come home with something when we head North of the border every couple of years :-)

  3. lovely to catch up Jenny. It is so lovely to be beside other creative people at a trade fair! How did it go? Moira x

  4. Am back. Yes, he did get to at least open the pressie and ogle it. He too was a bit in wonder at how you did it and I may yet still let him take it out to his birdy room but for now I'm enjoying it in here :D I've still to do a post - I haven't forgotten ;)

  5. Total it all and am off for a bit of stalking.. :)

  6. so much fun, dear!
    love all the buzzzz
    around + within you!

  7. LOveLy loveLy things! It's always so much fun and inspiring to meet fellow crafting addicts! Do come and pop over to my blog..i'm having a little giveaway! See you xxx

  8. you have inspired me to do a craft fair!!