Saturday, 1 December 2012

Music = Magic

Its not very often I enjoy an album in its totality (there's always a few songs that get forwarded instantly!), but Of Monsters and Men has been getting played back to back..without interruption. I'm enjoying the little journeys it takes me on...through imaginary worlds featuring vikings and mythical beasts ...jaunty and a little quirky all at the same time.
Just to indulge this little journey further I thought I would share some lovely images of other artists work that invokes a similar magical feel.....
Libby McMullin creates beautifully detailed illustrations that oooze with whimsy!

                     Lilymoon 's exquisite drawings inspired  by imaginary stories.....

oh so pretty!

Tulip Hill by Liz Tran

As for this sumptuous tumbly land of swirls and colour..forget a visit to Liz Tran's world..I want to LIVE there!!

stylish moose ceramic clay brooch by baubukas  Baubukas ceramic clay creatures
I'll end with some incredible and intricate ceramic brooches created by a group of Lithuanian artists called Baubukas.....they fit very comfortably into my magical musical world! Amazing!

Hope you enjoyed the little trip  :)x


  1. Some great work to check out there, thank you for sharing, I'm going to have a nose around their websites now :D

  2. Some really gorgeous work there, thank you for sharing. Hope all is well with you. :)

  3. i enjoyed the trip greatly!!
    i think i'm staying for a bit on tulip hill :)

  4. I also enjoyed the trip too Jenny, some gorgeous artwork there. jayne x

  5. Beautiful work, they all speak to my inner folklore geek - how do you find these fabulous people? And thank you so much for the link to that song. I had never heard of those singers before but am in love with that glorious video and the song isn't half bad either - I may have to put the album on my Christmas wishlist... and I don't buy/want albums much these days!

  6. Beautiful work, thank you fo sharing.