Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Recent makes!

I love this squirrel... "Little sushine" is what I called him..he ended up in The Found Gallery along with the mounted pieces below...

"Song Bird"


"Call of the Wild"....seemed so fitting to have made this then went to see "Sky Fall" ...homage to 007..swoon :)

I apologise if you're a visitor of my facebook page as you'll have seen these all before! I've been very busy with projects and exciting new ventures..but alas none of which I can share right now.
I can however share that I'm off to the very grand (and recently rennovated) Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh this weekend with my creations...must remember to bring my camera this time as this place is STUNNING! Can't wait!
Hope all is wonderful where ever you are xx


  1. Wow Jenny you have been busy, I am very impressed. I love them all, especially the very cross looking owl. I am in the land of the deer at the moment, the highlands, and have seen quite a few of those majestic animals. Hope you have a very successful weekend at Edinburgh. Good luck x jayne x

  2. I just love youre work.
    Greetings, Melanie

  3. Jenny, you are very imaginative and highly creative - these pieces (my first time seeing them - I'm not on Facebook as I'm trying to make it in the record book as being the last holdout) are stunning, there's a delicate side to them and yet a very playful side to.

    Dare I you map these out somewhere first, as in sketches, or do they flow freely from your imagination straight to your fingertips and into the final creation?

    They are really delightful and intriguing. :)

    1. Thankyou so much Jenny for such kind words! I always have a starting point with my creations (both sewn and painted)..sometimes it is simply a piece of fabric I want to incorporate or a colour scheme...most often it is a sketch (be it person, animal or other!) that I feel the urge to create. After this point the rest flows. What I have grown to trust is that each step is guided by what "feels right", which then "reveals" whats "right" for the next step...
      I NEVER start with a blank canvas....that just makes me go blank!
      Hope this is of some help! :)x

    2. Thanks for the insight, Jenny...(great name by the way *grin*) I'm the same with my drawings...I let things flow, but there is always something that starts the ball rolling. I can't put down a line just for the sake of putting it down...there has to be a reason and a purpose.

      I like your last line...I recently took an art class (basic drawing) because I wanted to have a purpose for my lines. I found myself wanting to get back into my sketching but really couldn't find the start button - the course helped me find it and from there I have just kept going. :)

      With smiles, Jenny

  4. It's all beeeeautiful - you are hitting your stride big time :)

  5. These are beautiful Jenny, you are really developing your own style. Good luck at the Assembly Rooms.

  6. Love them all, especailly the colours and of course, the sing birds :)

  7. Hi Jenny. Your songbird piece is so lovely. as is 'call of the wild'. you're so clever!!!! have happy days. Jane x