Thursday, 8 November 2012

Stuff Christmas :)

I've made a wee promise to myself this year NOT to leave Christmas shopping until December...granted I do make that promise every year and I do ignore it entirely but this year I am much so that I have already started .... I hope you are suitably impressed :)
I'm going for handmade as much as I can and just want to share a few little stuffed textile beauties I have stumbled upon...maybe even tempt you if you are like me and put the whole affair off for as long as possible :)

A Moose from Israel by Manafka Mina
Otto the Russian Deer made by Wassupbrothers

El Bandido by Little things I make
Mr Lion heart by Jipi Jipi

A naughty cat called Nina by Materialised
I've got lots of nieces and 2 daughters which gives me the perfect excuse for eyeing up all these goodies...just how many gifts will actually make it to their designated owners may be questionable however!  


  1. love LOVE love that little fox brooch! El Bandido is so cool! There are so many handmade goodies out there it seems odd that so many folk seem so set on buying crud from the big bland retailers! booo ! xx

  2. Hi Jenny,
    My Christmas shopping is done bar one or two. My handmade stuff is in the process. I always do my xmas shopping now...coz I hate not being able to park, I hate the crowds and I hate all the confusion....I've been doing this for years. BUT....I set myself impossible handmade tasks that have me up to the small hours right up until Christmas....madness. Love all your handmade gifts. Just gorgeous... :) Love the moose.. x

  3. i am in love!!!!!!
    thank you for sharing these dear hearts!!!

  4. Wow would be hard to part with any of these Jenny. I always see lots of things I would love when Christmas shopping and think it would be nice to buy our own pressies and then have the ability to forget and have lovely surprises on Christmas morning! I have made a little start at Christmas shopping but hate the commercialism, shops have Christmas music playing already - way too early. x

  5. All these handmade items are georgeous, Jenny. Christmas just sneaks up. I think I have plenty of time and then it here. I have some presents but still need a few more.

  6. I always leave Christmas shopping to the last minute, no matter how good my intentions are! Absolutely love your recommendations here Jenny...and thank you so much for including my cat - she's in wonderful company! x

  7. I have a grand total of TWO presents bought. Mild panic is starting to set in. I had wanted to make so many this year and have done absolutely zero - I may need to start shopping handmade instead like you have :) Love that fox brooche and the moose and... oh everything :D Lucky recipients!

  8. I'm doing "early" again - it worked beautifully last year and left me being able to enjoy a much slower pace rather than running myself ragged.

    Love the wall mounted "moose" - I know just the fellow for that! I'm also going to give gifts I have created now that I'm dabbling in the art world and have discovered portrait drawing. Mind the pace I am going in this area I might want to be thinking of next Christmas!

    Cheers, Jenny