Saturday, 3 November 2012


The thing I love most about this bloggy world is that my guilty admittances are never alone. Cue sigh of relief!
 So when faced with a large list of things to do and orders to fill of course you know I had to do the exact opposite! Oh yes... I began experimenting and exploring with my "new toy" aka acrylic inks!

Its not a blatant jump into procrastination (excuse the ensuing over justification!)... but rather an attempt to find something that leaves fabric a little softer than the cardboard-like surface created by painted shredded fingers are definitely with me on this!

And then these gorgeous postcards arrived from All the Luck in the world (birthday pres to me from me!!) and I got taken into a wonderful world of floral beauty...and felt the urge to cling onto bright sunny days and create some of my own....

I've got snippets below of a piece that I'm working on...

The rest I promise to show you when I'm done....just need another few orders and deadlines to come in before I get the urge to finish it off  :)x


  1. Your postcard snippets are gorgeous Jenny... Happy Birthday...

    Jenny ♥

  2. Oooh looking lovely Jenny look forward to the finished pieces. I would have had to have a play with those inks too. happy birthday Jenny x

  3. I love acrylic inks! And happy birthday! :)

  4. that sounds exactly like me...I'm at my most experimental and creative when I've got a tonne of stuff to do! It's so hard to reign my arty brain in sometimes..just want to play!! I've never heard of acrylic inks but they sound rather interesting...look foward to seeing how you get on with them. I don't particularly like the hard texture that fabric paints leave you with either, although I've only just ventured into using them! Take care and happy birthday lovely! x

  5. I just adore you, your work and your honesty. Happy Birthday!!!

  6. Acrylic inks? I may just see a Christmas pressie to myself in the near future...

    Your sneaky peeks are just gorgeous and so inspiring - oh to not have a house full of lurgy so I could play without a sick child or two clinging to my cough racked and snot dripping body. (Nice image to leave you with there *g*)