Friday, 26 October 2012

something and nothing....

Sums up perfectly whats been happening here over the last 2 weeks..
So do I write a blog post about it...
About the war waged with my 4 year old and wearing clothes as opposed to turning up to everything either naked or in her pj's.... it remains ongoing!
About the busy creating after holiday hiatus, to fulfill an order for a lovely old hardware store established in 1840's who are wanting to attract a younger clientelle...completed and delivered!
About the exciting invitation to exhibit my textile pieces in The Found Gallery for their winter show and the other flurry of creativity initiated ....remains onging also!

Oh there's been more of course..but I dont think that makes for a blogpost I'll leave it for another 2 weeks hehe!

Hope you are all well and enjoying these cold and frosty mornings!xx


  1. big hugs to your dear animals + dear you!! xoxox

  2. I love what you can do with stitching. :) Awesome!

  3. I'd learn to live with the fight if I were you Jenny. Mine are soooo much older and the war is still ongoing, well the P.J part anyway ( 15 year old boys seem to be very wary of being caught even semi naked it would seem)
    That Guinea pig is too cute!

  4. Hi Jenny, your comments about your four year old made me smile, it is funny how they get almost a fixation about things. Em's was always not going to the loo and then as soon as we got anywhere she needed to go!! How great being asked to exhibit and sell your work at new venues. Very chilly up north, lots of hailstones!! Very condusive to working. jayne x

  5. Hi Jenny, love what you've been upto. As for the 4year old. My youngest daughter was like that and now well not one inch of bare flesh is ever on show. I even had old ladies come up to me in the high street to tell me that I was a bad mother because my daughter had bare feet in the middle of winter. She was in a pushchair at the time. Not walking barefoot in the snow. But hey she grew out of it... can sympathies with you. Good luck :)

  6. My dad was trying to explain to my son (3yrs) this morning that it wasn't a good idea to run around in the garden in the cold and rain in his pyjamas...I've given up as he's always saying he's too hot and running about with a bare bum so I though pyjamas was an improvement! Which artwork dod the hardware store want..I'm curious! I love the budgies, you've really captured their personality! :)

  7. My 10 year old daughter just passed by my laptop & on seeing your wonderful art declared it was "awesome"! From a very nearly eleven year old who seems to think she's already a teenager - this is the highest of commendations :-))

    BTW from eighteen months she used to cause a fuss over what she wanted to wear. I remember the nightmare. Of course my husband still insists on wearing shorts in winter, even in snow & on a cold windy day. So some people never grow out of it it seems LOL :-))

    Kat Xx

  8. hahaha hope you are winning the Clothes War?

    Love your creations, my favourites are the guinea pig and hairy cattle.


  9. You are so talented, Jenny! So glad to stop by and catch up. Wishing lots more of something and nothing (that's what life is, isn't it!) with more of it leaning towards the good side of things. :)

  10. Business sounds great :) I think the days of being naked or in pj's are so short you should embrace it !!! Even in winter - :)

  11. Loving all these creations. Am a big huge fan of Highland coo's and my OH currently has a birdy room full of bubby budgies so these all bring a smile to my face! Congratulations on all the orders and the exhibit!

    My 5 year old is currently going through a 'wellies go with everything - no matter how hot the day' phase :P But I remember the nekked days very well ;)