Sunday, 9 December 2012


Thats what happens when you wear big girl pants...turns out you have to start doing big girl things too!.....
like stepping out from the snug and safe pseudo name "love and peas" and stand up to shout my name out to the word!
Hello ..I'm Jenny Blair ! 
See..I can do it now, feels almost normal...but 2 years ago.....eek! VERY different story! :)

To mark this step in my little creative journey I've been creating a new website too.... which I'm slowly filling  and getting cosy in....and much like a house move, soon enough the old and comfy home will be moved out of completely and a fond farewell to Love and Peas made!...still debating on whether to move blog too..but sentimentality stopping me so far....I mean this is where it all began!

If you fancy a wee visit to my new cyber home just click on the button above. I'd love to hear what you think....

I'm really having to bite my tongue on the other new and exciting projects that have been coming to fruition here with my big girl pants on..but it's just not quite ready so close....will you comeback to see? I hope so :) Big hugs to you all x


  1. Hi over there Jenny. Your website is looking great! can't wait for your shop to open and have a look inside. lots of hugs and best best wishes for happiness and success! Jane x

  2. woweeee! Congrats on puting on the big girl pants!! They suit you!! ha! I love the style of the website and its very well layed out..the only small thing I noticed is that it was hard for me to read the bio on your about me page, the dark is fine but I found the lilc beneath a little hard to read...but that could just be me! Its fab though and your name has such a nice ring to it you should use it (I'm not so keen on min "Lisa Page" ...I think I'll wait til I get married and become Lisa sounds a bit better!) take care and I know you are going to do so well in the new year in your new pants ;) xxx

  3. Congratulations and your website looks fabulous!

  4. It is looking lovely Jenny, I love the new header too! Intrigued about all your new secret projects! jayne x

  5. Ooh you are very brave indeedy! I am nowhere near the stage of having my name out there... partly because I'm a wuss and partly because I'm lazy - am marrying my mister next year and can't be bothered to change everything twice! Haha! We were due to marry this year but what with water leaks in the bathroom and bubba bump and all... well, it got postponed ;)

    I love the new look blog and the new website is gorgeous. So much so that you have reminded me to ask you if you have anything budgie related available? My mister is a budgie breeder and a swine to buy for at Christmas you see but loves art and crafty budgies. Please let me know?

  6. congratulations, jenny!
    how did you figure all that out???!!!
    your website is AWESOME!!!!
    LOVE it!!! goodness me, i would do the same thing
    if i had any idea howwwwwwww!
    you INSPIRE.

  7. Good for you! Wiggling out from 'neath your protective covers to brave the monsters under the bed....heehee!

    Your new site is visually stunning! So professional! Love it!

  8. Loving what you are doing Jenny, and how far you have come since Taking Flight. You really are flying!! I'm having a similar dilemma. I want to stretch myself in the new year and set up an online shop. What to call myself? It is brave and good that you have put on your big girl pants - go Jenny!!!